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Faves for Friday {8.9.19}

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m linking up with Andrea to share from favorites from the week!

On Monday, we picked up Steven from the airport in Austin right after work, and it was definitely our favorite day because he was back home! He spent Saturday- Monday at an endoscopy conference for first year fellows in Chicago and he got some great training, but we missed him! I brought Livy with me to the office for my last patient so we could head out right after to get there on time. And a shout out to a not favorite of the week- the Austin airport. I managed to get to the airport right as their plane landed, which I considered a personal triumph, but thanks to one ridiculous policy of “no stopping/ no parking”, and one security guard that took those policies really seriously, I had to circle buildings seven times waiting for them to come out (you could only pull to the curb if your people were there waiting. Otherwise they expect you to drive by all the doors while scanning the crowd and also not hitting anyone. It’s so dumb!). My favorite part of that airport was leaving it. 🙂 We had dinner at Torchy’s on our way home and were so glad to have our favorite guy back with us!

While driving to the airport, I listened to a Bobbycast interview with Thomas Rhett and then his new album. It was one of my favorite podcast listens of the week! And that album… I think I must have been overly emotional because two different songs made me tear up (That Old Truck and Remember You Young). But it is also really good!

The Mama Well is one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, and their weekly takeovers have been how I’ve found some of my other favorite accounts to follow, like Nancy Ray and Holly Hayes, and most recently, Amy Hannon of Euna Mae’s. I’ve heard of Amy before, but watched through her story takeover on Wednesday, and it was exactly what I needed to hear (and I immediately started following her personal account, @eunamaes). She talks about the seasons of having littles, and then teenagers, and eventually empty nesters, where they are at now. She is funny and personable, and just a delight. Her takeover is saved on the Mama Well highlight reel as “Amy H” and I highly recommend watching it! You will be blessed!

My dad stopped by to eat lunch with us on Thursday, and it was fun! We went to a local seafood restaurant, and Livy hammed it up for everyone after we finished eating.

On Thursday night, I tried something new in the kitchen (which is a favorite when it turns out, haha!)– Pioneer Woman’s panzanella to have as a side with our garlic pesto salmon and roasted potatoes. It was actually really good! And my other favorite part was that I toasted too much bread to put in it, and Liv and I ate the extra toasted bread chunks with spinach dip and it was so delicious. I used the asiago cheese bread from HEB, so that gave it some extra flavor and it was just a treat.

After dinner we had grabbed some marble bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, which is always a favorite, and Livy played with my NBC bag (plus a few more). She’s a cute little bag lady!

I started reading The Road Back to You over the weekend and so far I really love it! I borrowed it from the library, but am seriously considering buying my own copy because I like it that much. Livy has been enjoying it too. 😉

And just one last funny for the week…. This popped up on my Facebook and I saved it to share with Steven because it perfectly describes us… #yeswehavefourdogs #wedprobablyhavemoreifwehadmorespace

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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