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#FaveFiveThings [2.24.17]

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope everyone had a good week, and has a fun weekend planned! We have a busy one coming up! Anyone else feel like they had a crazy busy week? It felt like every single night we got home, ate, went somewhere for an errand, and then came home and it was…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [2.24.17]

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What’s Up Wednesday- 2.22.17

Hey, y’all! I’m linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for another edition of What’s Up Wednesday! I will be answering these questions… So, here we go! WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK…  Well, Monday I picked up Rudy’s on my way home. Picking up barbecue (smoked turkey and brisket) is so easy, it is great…… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday- 2.22.17

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#FaveFiveThings [2.17.17]

Happy Friday, and happy middle of February! I hope all of you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, and have a fun weekend planned. If you are needing a dinner idea, check out my recipe for cast iron skillet steaks here that I posted yesterday. They are delicious, and much less hassle than the grill! This week…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [2.17.17]


Dinner for Two- Cast Iron Skillet Steaks

Hi, y’all! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! We had a quiet dinner at home, and then tried to watch a movie, but we were sabotaged by Time Warner… (The cable kept breaking up, so we couldn’t stream through On Demand, and then we tried to rent it on Amazon, and the internet…… Continue reading Dinner for Two- Cast Iron Skillet Steaks

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Show & Tell Tuesday- 2.14.17

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! It’s time to link up with Andrea for another Show and Tell Tuesday! Today’s topic is… Your Loves! Four boys (one two-legged, three four-legged) have my heart! I know I’ve talked about our little love story a thousand times, but here it is one more time… Steven and…… Continue reading Show & Tell Tuesday- 2.14.17

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Gump [2.13.17]

Today is our sweet Gumpers’ 6-month birthday! Our little Gumpkin has gotten so much bigger! He is weighing in at about 60 pounds now, with no signs of slowing. He has finally outgrown his sweet baby face, and is starting to look too grown up. He still enjoys himself a good nap very often, and…… Continue reading Gump [2.13.17]

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Workin’ It Wednesday- 2.8.17

Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s time for another link up with Shay and Erika for Workin’ It Wednesday! This Wednesday, we are talking about how you work it… to keep your marriage strong! So, a short story to preface my perspective on this… My brother in law (Steven’s brother) and his wife got married five months…… Continue reading Workin’ It Wednesday- 2.8.17

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#FaveFiveThings- 2.3.17

Happy Friday, friends! Is anyone else out there a little cold today?? Two days ago, it was (no joke) 80 degrees. Today, it’s in the 40s and cloudy/dreary. But, don’t worry- my phone is telling me it’s going to be 84 next Tuesday… Texas weather be crazy, y’all! (I’ll just take this as an opportunity…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings- 2.3.17