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#ruger #gamedog

As you may have seen on the About page, we are proud parents to a black Lab puppy named Ruger (full name: Ruger Kahwi Smith, named for his father’s first firearm, and his father’s favorite Spurs player). He came to us from the fabulous Crumpler Kennels in Canton, Texas, and boasts a bloodline of champion…… Continue reading #ruger #gamedog

ranch life

The Best Laid Plans went Pineapple Upside Down

As I’ve mentioned, this is a big season of transition for us. We’re in a new place, and meeting new people, but old habits die hard. I will always be one who wants to be a good hostess. But, somehow it seems that when its not super important for something to turn out, it turns…… Continue reading The Best Laid Plans went Pineapple Upside Down

ranch life

Room by Room– Dining Room

Hubby and I have just moved into our first house together, and the overwhelming gladness of not being confined in an apartment anymore is bouncing off our walls. Somehow we’ve moved a 2 bedroom apartment into a four bedroom house and it seems like all our current stuff has already managed to fill it up…… Continue reading Room by Room– Dining Room

ranch life

Beauty Un”veil”ed

So, if you’ve ever gotten married, or had a friend that got married, or knew a total stranger that had something to do with the wedding industry, you might be aware that the veil market is a RACKET. As in this particular portion of the outfit costs upwards of hundreds of dollars. And they cost…… Continue reading Beauty Un”veil”ed