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Show and Tell Tuesday {11.28.17}

Happy Tuesday, friends!! Today, I’m linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday! Today’s topic is… Christmas gifts under the Want/Need/Wear/ Read categories! I’ve seen a lot of women recently say they have decided to do this with their children this year in an effort to cut down on all the clutter and accumulation…… Continue reading Show and Tell Tuesday {11.28.17}

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Bump-date {Month 7}

Hey, friends! We are already at Month 7!! Today marks the official start of the third trimester, so we have roughly 12 weeks to go! I have a feeling time is going to start flying from here! The biggest thing that’s happened this month is getting all kinds of good stuff for little bit! In…… Continue reading Bump-date {Month 7}

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What’s Up Wednesday {11.22.17}

Hi, friends! It’s time for another edition of What’s Up Wednesday with Shay! WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK… Well, Steven has been doing a research rotation in Dallas for the last two weeks, so I’m just kinda fending for myself. Pizza, quiche, and salads with chicken have been my go-to meals. He gets home tonight…… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday {11.22.17}

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Bump-date {Month 6}

Month 6!! Now we are to the fun time of year (aka ALL the holidays!), and I know it will be ten times more fun next year when she is here!! I scrolled through everyone’s Halloween pictures and made several mental notes for next year! We have been just rolling along this month without anything…… Continue reading Bump-date {Month 6}

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A Day In the Life

Hey, friends! Happy Thursday! I think one of my favorite posts to read from others are their “Day in the Life” posts– I think it’s so fascinating to see how people go about their days and what they spend each day doing! I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but any time I…… Continue reading A Day In the Life


On the Easy Side– Microwave Potatoes

Does anyone else struggle sometimes with what to have with your main dish? I feel like I rotate the same sides over and over, so when I come across a new one that we like, I have to remind myself to throw it into the rotation, otherwise I forget about it. Like microwave potatoes! Now,…… Continue reading On the Easy Side– Microwave Potatoes