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Weekend Rewind {8.12.19}

Happy Monday, y’all! Here’s a little recap of our weekend!

We had a pretty low key Friday. I worked in the morning, and then we cleaned and played Friday afternoon like usual. Steven got home a little later than usual (sometime between 6:30-7) after a long scope and I had dinner mostly ready. I made Shay Shull’s sausage and provolone pasta from her Meals cookbook, and we really enjoyed it! We had side salads and got to try our new homemade ranch– one of our sweet friends from church was whipping up some homemade ranch a week or so ago and sent a jar with her sweet teen that babysits for us. It was so delicious! And Livy loved it with sliced cucumbers!

We watched a little TV, and then I read after Livy went to bed while Steven did practice board questions. I started reading The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams based off Shay Shull’s recommendation last month (I think you typically can’t go wrong anything Shay recommends!), and it’s good so far.

On Saturday morning, we had a late breakfast and Livy and I chilled out most of the morning while Steven studied. Livy watched The Incredibles 2 for the umpteenth time and was completely enraptured.

I planned to make Pioneer Woman’s chicken taco salad for lunch, but discovered my bag of salad mix was a little on the slimy side and had to call an audible switching over to chicken nachos. I still grilled the chicken with taco seasoning, and then layered it on top of tortilla chips with grated cheese and pinto beans. We probably prefer ground beef nachos if we’re honest, but they weren’t bad! And Liv loves her some tortilla chips!

My parents had that little shirt custom printed for her when they were visiting my aunts a few weeks ago in my dad’s hometown in Nebraska. It’s a little big, but comfy and cute!

Liv found an old pair of my glasses in the cabinet under my sink and I happened to be there to catch her trying them on later that afternoon.

After dinner, we put Liv to bed, and I ran to Walmart. The bedroom that Steven uses for an office in our house has a large picture window facing east, making it really bright and really hot in the morning through to the afternoon, so I went to get some black out curtains to help cool things off and reduce the glare. I ended up also grabbing an extra pair of the Time and Tru Birkenstock dupes in pink for myself, and two pairs of shoes for Livy- one was $1! They are about two sizes too big, but she will definitely grow into them and $1 is too good to pass up!

We headed to church Sunday morning and were actually running early enough to take our Sunday pictures before church. Unfortunately, she wasn’t really feeling it, so they aren’t our best Sunday pics. But that side pony slays me!

We had a pretty chill afternoon with naps after lunch. Boudreaux hung out inside and Livy had fun playing with him. He is so, so good with her, and she loves him to pieces. They are just so precious together!

We had dinner at In-N-Out Burger and it never disappoints! We put Livy to bed when we got home and then I ran to the grocery store while Steven worked on another practice test for boards. The rest of Sunday night was the usual- picking up the house, folding laundry, and getting ready for Monday. And that was our low-key weekend!

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  1. What a fabulous weekend with yummy food! Livy sitting in her chair watching The Incredibles 2 is just adorable and of course her with Boudreaux is just the sweetest <3 Happy Monday Morrie!

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