Holiday Recipe Exchange– Firecrackers

Hey, y’all! Happy Wednesday (Hump Day!), and happy holidays!! Today I’m linking up with Sarah for her Holiday Party Recipe Exchange!  And we are going to make… Firecrackers!! This is a newer recipe for me– this is the first year I’ve made them, but they have become a fast favorite and everyone LOVES them! I’ve…… Continue reading Holiday Recipe Exchange– Firecrackers


On the Easy Side– Microwave Potatoes

Does anyone else struggle sometimes with what to have with your main dish? I feel like I rotate the same sides over and over, so when I come across a new one that we like, I have to remind myself to throw it into the rotation, otherwise I forget about it. Like microwave potatoes! Now,…… Continue reading On the Easy Side– Microwave Potatoes


Resident Chef– Chicken Spaghetti Edition

Hey, y’all! If you’ve been here before, you may already know that we are currently in residency (and if you didn’t, now you do! 🙂 ). My hubby graduated from medical school just about a year ago, and is almost finished with his first year of internal medicine residency. It’s gone by so fast! Well,…… Continue reading Resident Chef– Chicken Spaghetti Edition


Dinner for Two- Cast Iron Skillet Steaks

Hi, y’all! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! We had a quiet dinner at home, and then tried to watch a movie, but we were sabotaged by Time Warner… (The cable kept breaking up, so we couldn’t stream through On Demand, and then we tried to rent it on Amazon, and the internet…… Continue reading Dinner for Two- Cast Iron Skillet Steaks


Grinch Cookies

Merry Christmas, y’all! I mentioned last week in the #favefive that The Grinch is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I remember seeing it for the first time on a school trip in middle school and loved it. Now, it’s a Christmas tradition! So, when I saw Grinch cookies on Pinterest, I thought this was…… Continue reading Grinch Cookies


Sausage Puffs

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! Are you looking for something delicious to have as an appetizer or a small breakfast item? Try some sausage puffs! These were born from an idea involving sausage balls, another sausage puff recipe, and a need for an appetizer for our home group Christmas party last week. (I also took dessert,…… Continue reading Sausage Puffs


Hunting for Recipes- Fried Quail Edition

When your husband loves to hunt and fish, as the primary person cooking the spoils, it’s important to have good recipes for when hubby comes come with the goods. I’ve shared our dove recipe, and that was a fun adventure to try something new with just about the freshest meat you can get. This past…… Continue reading Hunting for Recipes- Fried Quail Edition


Gimme S’more (Snack Mix) Lovin’…

Fall is not pumpkin season for me, friends. It’s s’mores season. I think some people lean more toward summer being s’mores season, but these people must not live in Texas because there’s no way on Earth you’d want to sit next to a fire in the summer. We already do– it’s called the sun. Anywho,…… Continue reading Gimme S’more (Snack Mix) Lovin’…

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What it sounds like when doves (and me) cry…

My husband loves to bird hunt. Of all the outdoor activities he enjoys, I’ve heard him put bird hunting at the top of the list consistently for the last few years. Now, you do have to break down bird hunting into dove, quail, crane, etc. I’m not sure what the order of love is once…… Continue reading What it sounds like when doves (and me) cry…