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Weekend Rewind {8.5.19}

Happy Monday, y’all! We had a pretty busy weekend, so here’s a little recap!

On Friday morning, I wrapped up the last of my charts while Livy watched The Emperor’s New Groove. Steven came home for a late lunch and we ended up grabbing some Rosa’s and then making a quick stop at Cavender’s for him to look for a new baseball cap. He didn’t find one he liked, but Livy looked pretty cute in this little cowgirl hat! However, girlfriend’s got quite the large noggin, so the infant hat didn’t fit her and we didn’t see any others that were child sized.

We got home later that afternoon, and our sweet teen babysitter from church came to watch Olivia so we could see an afternoon movie. You know one of the few things better than going to the movies? Paying the matinee price- going at 4:00 meant $5.50 tickets! We went to see Hobbs and Shaw and it was really good! We’re kind of Fast and Furious junkies– not sure why or how we got into them, but we watched them all together (and neither of us had seen any of them) the first month we were married and now we’ve been seeing them as they come out. The Rock and Jason Statham are probably the funniest parts of the original series, so they did well with their own movie. And I love Vanessa Kirby! This was a little different than playing Princess Margaret in The Crown, but I really liked her character. And another benefit of hitting a matinee is that we were home by 7:30. Winning.

After we got home, Steven got his flight paperwork and study materials together to leave Saturday for his endoscopy conference over the weekend, and I read The Road Back to You (about the Enneagram) for a little while while Boudreaux chilled inside with us. He is so laid back and pretty easy to please, so he was perfectly content laying right by the fireplace for a while.

I got up early on Saturday morning to run to the bank and get gas in my car before we left for the airport while Steven got packed and ready to go. We left about mid morning, picked up one of Steven’s fellow fellows and headed to Austin to the airport.

After we dropped them off, Livy and I headed home and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon while it was rainy. I started the new season of Veronica Mars while she took a nap, and it’s good so far, but I’m only through about 4 episodes, I think.

Quick smile for Dad after he let us know he landed safely!

I started working on decorations for a baby shower on Sunday a little later, which was mostly just blowing up these super cute balloons from Target and cutting dinosaur silhouettes with my Silhouette machine to make little figures to look like dinosaur models. I had also picked up this cute dinosaur banner and different colors of blue crepe paper to round it out. Livy helped me blow up balloons and played with them for a little while, working on her soccer skills, of course. She took a bath and we snuggled for a little bit watching The Incredibles 2 before her bedtime. I feel like most girl moms I know complain about how many times they’ve seen Frozen, but if I’m looking for a slam dunk, the one movie that completely keeps her attention the entire time is The Incredibles 2. Who knows? She’s an interesting kid, haha!

As is customary when Steven isn’t home at bedtime, I laid on the couch watching TV until I fell asleep, and then forced myself to move to the bedroom really late. One day I’ll be an adult. Maybe.

Sunday morning is usually a little hectic, and it seemed a lot more so without Steven. I’ve flown solo to church many times due to residency schedules, but either I’m out of the habit or the morning was a little crazier than usual getting all the shower stuff together because it felt like we barely made it! Livy was sticking to me pretty closely (like grabbing around my knees any time I tried to put her down), so I wasn’t sure she would make it in the church nursery during the service, but once I set her down and she saw her friends, she seemed just fine.

After the main service and Sunday school, Liv and I ran across the street to the McDonald’s drive thru for lunch so we could go right back and start decorating. The shower was supposed to start at 1:30 but the church bulletin accidentally printed 1:00, so we had less than an hour before people would potentially be arriving.

A fun dinosaur theme for a sweet little boy! Liv was on the struggle bus through some of the shower because she’d skipped her morning nap and was running out of afternoon to get an afternoon nap in, too. Luckily Grand Betty was there to snuggle her while I took pictures! And she perked right up when she and I shared a piece of cake!

We got the shower finished and cleaned up about 3:30 and headed home. We both took naps, but I got up from mine a little earlier than her to work on my meal planning and grocery lists. I dragged all my favorite cookbooks out to get some fresh ideas and get a good plan!

I got Liv up around 7 and headed to the grocery store. She has not physically been in the grocery store to grocery shop in a while- I can’t even remember the last time- so I wanted to go a little later when it wouldn’t be crowded. We stopped on our way out the door to take our traditional Sunday pictures. She had to take a break mid photo session to wave and yell “Hiiiiiiii!” at our neighbors across the street.

We worked our way through our list fairly quickly and got home about 8. I had grabbed a box of mini quiches and some other snack-y kind of food for us to have for dinner rather than hitting up fast food again. And much to my surprise (although I shouldn’t be surprised- this girl is not picky when it comes to food!), she gobbled her fair share of mini quiches!

She got ready for bed a little later than usual since she had her late nap, and then I watched some Netflix and ate more spinach dip than I should have. 🙂 And that was our weekend! I hope y’all had a great weekend, too!

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  1. Eeeks sweet Livy in that cowgirl hat!!! And my goodness her Sunday pictures 🙂 Looked like a great little weekend even if it got a little crazy for a second there. Have a great week!!!

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