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#FaveFiveThings [10.28.16]

Y’all. I can’t believe this is the last #favefivefriday of October already. Where does the time go?? Maybe it’s harder for me to believe that October is basically over when the high temperature yesterday was NINETY. Seriously?? Seriously. At this rate, we should hit 75 about Christmas time. Good grief! Anyway, happy Friday! We’ve had…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [10.28.16]


Gimme S’more (Snack Mix) Lovin’…

Fall is not pumpkin season for me, friends. It’s s’mores season. I think some people lean more toward summer being s’mores season, but these people must not live in Texas because there’s no way on Earth you’d want to sit next to a fire in the summer. We already do– it’s called the sun. Anywho,…… Continue reading Gimme S’more (Snack Mix) Lovin’…

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#FaveFiveThings [10.21.16]

  Happy Friday, friends!! Who else is ready for the weekend?? We have NO plans this Saturday and we are so pumped. We’ve been trying to get a “do-nothing” Saturday for several weeks now, but fun things kept popping up that we couldn’t say no to! Our philosophy has always been that we have the…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [10.21.16]

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He is With Us- Always

I don’t consider myself a very political person, this much I know. I do not enjoy watching debates, much in part because I do not care to listen to grown adults bicker, and interrupt one another, and demean each other, and overall just treat each other with unkindness. The world has enough unkindness and harsh…… Continue reading He is With Us- Always

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A “Fair”-Ly Great Day!

Alright, y’all- we did it. We went to the State Fair for the first time! If you don’t take a selfie with Big Tex, did you even go to the State Fair?  😉 We came, we saw, we ate way too much. It was the perfect fair day! *Tip: We bought our tickets online the…… Continue reading A “Fair”-Ly Great Day!

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#FaveFiveThings [10.14.16]

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and you’re all looking forward to a great weekend! We made a quick trip to Waco earlier in the week to meet Steven’s brother to give back their fur-kids, Marshall and Drover, and we got to enjoy one of our faves from college/ grad school,…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [10.14.16]

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What it sounds like when doves (and me) cry…

My husband loves to bird hunt. Of all the outdoor activities he enjoys, I’ve heard him put bird hunting at the top of the list consistently for the last few years. Now, you do have to break down bird hunting into dove, quail, crane, etc. I’m not sure what the order of love is once…… Continue reading What it sounds like when doves (and me) cry…

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#FaveFiveThings [10.7.16]

It’s Friday, y’all! (WOOHOO!) As I am writing this, I have a stowaway under my desk… Someone is too small to stay in the backyard by himself (well, with only the supervision of his older brother and sister) because he can fit under the fence (even though he is a little chunky…)! So he’s now…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [10.7.16]


Owl Cookies

It’s officially fall! I know it actually officially became fall several days ago, but at least around here, it doesn’t really seem fall until October and it’s not so blazing hot. We’ve been in the 80s here the last several days and it has been AMAZING. I’m so fall ready. October to me seems like…… Continue reading Owl Cookies