Hunting for Recipes- Fried Quail Edition

When your husband loves to hunt and fish, as the primary person cooking the spoils, it’s important to have good recipes for when hubby comes come with the goods. I’ve shared our dove recipe, and that was a fun adventure to try something new with just about the freshest meat you can get. This past…… Continue reading Hunting for Recipes- Fried Quail Edition

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#FaveFiveThings [Post Thansksgiving Edition]

Woohoo!! Happy Day after Thanksgiving! Here’s a little road trip selfie for ya… If you are a brave person, you may be out and about shopping, and for that, I salute you. I will not be joining in that particular tradition, and for that I am truly thankful 😉 This morning, my mother-in-law and I…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [Post Thansksgiving Edition]

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#FaveFiveThings [11.18.16]

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s our last Friday before Thanksgiving! (What?? How is it already Thanksgiving???). I hope you all have wonderful plans for the holiday involving lots and lots of food! We have had a great week, mostly get getting ready for next week! I’ve got all my recipes lined up, and we’ve started our…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [11.18.16]

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#FaveFiveThings [11.11.16]

Happy Friday, friends! Happy Veteran’s Day! We are so thankful for all our service men and women who make such sacrifices so that we can enjoy such wonderful freedoms here in this country. Thank a veteran today for their service!   What a week, friends! Between the time change and this crazy election, we are…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [11.11.16]

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#FaveFiveThings [11.4.16]

Happy Friday, and Happy November!! We’ve had a good week, and are excited for the weekend! In regards to our current weather, I’ve decided to take a Field of Dreams approach– if you dress for it, it will come. So, in the mean time, I have been roasting in my fall ensembles as it remains…… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [11.4.16]

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At-Home Shellac Hack

Alright, y’all- who enjoys a nice shellac manicure, but doesn’t really love spending the money or finding the time to go to the nail salon? Me. I mean, it’s nice to go for that for special occasions, but I just can’t justify doing it all the time, but I still want my nails looking good.…… Continue reading At-Home Shellac Hack