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I’m Morie, also known as the ranch wife on the Red Bank Creek Ranch. I’m a Christ- follower, Texan, physician wife, and part time audiologist/ part time stay at home mama to one sweet toddler girl, one handsome baby boy, and five four-legged boys. I’m a proud Texas Tech alumnae, and 2 on the Enneagram. I love coffee, John Mayer, British history, Chick Fil A, reading, Target, fresh chocolate chip cookies, and (most of all) Jesus. We currently live in central Texas while my husband finishes medical training, and will move full time to our ranch (Red Bank Creek Ranch) in west Texas in July 2022.

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My husband and I met and started dating in the fall of 2012 when he started medical school and I started graduate school at Texas Tech. We have been married since March 2016. He is a gastroenterologist, retriever trainer for our three black Labrador retrievers, and the best dad to our sweet littles. His favorite things include Gator rides around the ranch, Mexican food, waterfowl hunting, and training with the dogs. He’s the reason our kids have gorgeous blue eyes, and why we have so many spontaneous adventures and laugh as often as possible.


Our baby girl, also commonly addressed as Liv, Livy, Livy Anne, Livy Lou Who, Liver and Onions, and Hey, no, ma’am! Olivia Anne was born in February 2018. She’s tough as nails, but sweet as sugar (when she wants to be 😉 ) even though she’s always been tiny– dynamite comes in small packages. She has no shortage of personality, sass, and wit, and we adore her sweet spirit!


Our sweet baby boy! Henry Wyman was born in April 2020 (he was born right at the beginning of COVID quarantine 2020!) and has been the perfect completion to our little family! He is the calm to his sister’s storm, and I both dread and can’t wait to see the trouble those two get into growing up! He is named for Henry Rifles and west Texas photographer Wyman Meinzer, so we are hoping he is tough, tenacious, hardworking, creative, and resilient like his namesakes. And he’s been in the 80-90th percentile in size since birth, so we’re also hoping for quarterback of the local football team, Class of 2038!

We love our current part time life at the ranch but can’t wait to make it full time! Rounding out our ranch life are our five dogs- 3 Labrador retrievers (Ruger, Gump, and Pecos) and 2 bullmastiffs (Boudreaux and Amos), as well as our growing longhorn herd. We purchased our first registered Texas longhorns in fall 2020 and have been addicted ever since! We are growing our herd through building an in-house breeding program in addition to purchasing excellent stock from other established and reputable breeders in Texas. We will begin sales from our herd likely in fall 2022.