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Show & Tell Tuesday- 3.28.17

Happy Tuesday, friends! It’s time for another edition of Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea!


This week’s topic is….. Five Favorite Pictures!

I’m just going to preface this with the fact that these are SOME of my favorite pictures. I LOVE pictures and there’s no way I could narrow my faves down to just five! These are also going to be fairly recents because that is what I have access to on my laptop. One day I will have all my old fave pics scanned in for safe keeping, but that one day is not today! 😉


Race For the Cure 2011


Y’all. I just love this picture. I don’t know how I would have gotten though college without these girls, and am so, so thankful the Lord saw fit to put them in my life when He did. That’s what real BFFs look like, and I love them so much!


Ruger, Gump, and Boudreaux’s “Glamour Shots” 

Asking me to pick which picture I like best of these three is like asking me which child is my favorite- IMPOSSIBLE! So, I consider these to all be the same 😉

What I love most about these other than the subject is that these are pics that I took myself that I think turned out really well. I’m kind of dipping my toes into photography that this point, and it is such a great feeling to feel like you got a really great shot! (especially when these hooligans aren’t great at sitting still and paying attention all the time!)


The Smiths’ New House



This was our first Sunday actually settled in our house before we went to our church for the first time. We were so excited to have our own house and finally have room to grow and live! I used this for the change of address cards we sent to all our friends and family as well. We love our house and the life we live here!


Wedding Photo (Montage)

Again, asking me to choose my favorite wedding photo is like having me pick a favorite arm. There were WAY too many good ones! Hands down the best investment we made for our wedding was choosing an amazing photographer (Corie Williams/ Olive Tree Photography), and we have gorgeous photos that I will cherish forever!


1 Year Anniversary


I think it’s amazing to see how we’ve grown over the last year (and I feel like we have probably more than what it looks like in the picture). What I love most about this picture I think is the story behind it– Steven took me to a super nice dinner for our anniversary, and it was a true reminder of his selflessness and thoughtfulness (you can read the full story here).


And, I think for all of these, the biggest reason they are favorites is the story behind them, and the memories they have. I think favorites are only going to get harder the more we make memories!


Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you back tomorrow for What’s Up Wednesday!


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