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What’s Up Wednesday- 3.29.17

Happy Wednesday, y’all! It’s time for another edition of What’s Up Wednesday with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer!


I’ll be answering these questions….


So, let’s get started!

What we’re eating this week…

Well, Steven is working nights, so we’ll be eating basically every meal out for the next two weeks because it’s just too hard to coordinate cooking before he goes. I’m not great at cooking for just myself, so I don’t know how much I’ll be cooking in the next few weeks. Looks like we’ll be frequenters of Chick-Fil-A! 😉


What I’m reminiscing about… 

Our awesome trip this past week to San Antonio! While Steven was taking STEP 3 on Thursday and Friday, I did a whole lot of nothing, eating La Madeline, shopping, reading, and eating Tiff’s Treats cookies. Then, once he was done, we hit up the zoo, Bass Pro Shop, and a Spurs game! It was such a great trip, we didn’t want to come home! If you want details on our trip, check back on Friday for a special edition of #FaveFive with our favorite things in San Antonio!


What I’m loving… 


Y’all. Tiff’s Treats. Those cookies are AMAZING. I ran into one next to La Madeline on Thursday after I ate to get a dozen chocolate chip cookies just for a treat before I picked up Steven from the testing center. He asked what they were when he got in the car and tasted one skeptically, and then decided they were homemade and delicious. I joked that we were going to have to get another dozen on Friday with how quickly we were eating them, and he asked if I would. (Like I will turn down cookies ever??) I picked up another dozen on Friday and they have lasted us through the week. So, if you are in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio or Atlanta– get yourself some STAT!  They’ll even deliver them to you!


What we’ve up to…

Well, we just got back from San Antonio, and Steven has been working nights this week and will again next week. I’ve been doing projects around the house– like moving all our living room furniture completely around and putting plants and flowers all over the place. All our living room furniture moved clockwise a wall…

I have a really cute wooden sugar mold succulent planter I’m working on, and I decided there are too many succulents that look awesome to just do one planter, so I’ve been planting a few more to put around.

And Lowe’s had the most gorgeous hydrangeas that I couldn’t resist! I was originally looking for a fern to put in the planter on the mantle, but these were so pretty!


What I’m dreading… 

Y’all– spring cleaning, ugh. My sewing/ craft room (which is also our second guest room) looks like multiple tornadoes met there in the middle and exploded. It’s the place where things get placed when they need to get out of the way and it’s gotten out of control, so it’s time to get it back in shape! My goal is to get it completely organized, and then take out the table I have in there because it is just asking for clutter and other junk on it. Once that is out, it will be just another organized guest room.


What I’m working on… 

See above! 🙂 We have also been working on getting our garage organized and getting our yard in order. Between the crazy wind we’ve had lately and the fact that we think they just laid our sod directly on top of a bunch of preexisting weeds, we now have all kinds of crazy weeds in our yard (front and back), so we’ve been working to get them out. One, because they are ugly and yuck. Two, because we are wondering if that contributes to Ruger’s itchiness/ scratching, and I struggle with allergies a lot as well. They have taken over my flower bed, too! 😦



What I’m excited about… 

Getting all our fur children back! We will get Boudreaux back from Steven’s parents this weekend, but the labs still have another four months in training. We are SO excited with how awesome they will be when they come home, but we say (probably daily) how much we miss them and are ready for them to come home!


What I’m watching/ reading… 

Reading: I finished the second Charlotte Holmes book The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro while we were in San Antonio, and it was so good! I can’t wait for the third in the series! I’ve also been working on A Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, but it is HUGE. Also still working on my 365 Day Bible and the Wife After God study by the Unveiled Wife.

Watching: Nothing new, really. This Is Us ended for the season, so I think the only new things I’m watching now are the ABC sitcoms- American Housewife, The Middle, and The Goldbergs, plus The Mindy Project on Hulu. And while Steven’s been gone at night, I started watching The Office again on Netflix. I would LOVE to find a new show to binge while I iron and other housework, but I haven’t found one yet. I watched one episode of Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime and was disappointed because it had a few elements I didn’t really care for. After reading the plot summaries on Wikipedia, I found that those elements were going to stick around, so I decided not to watch past the first episode.

If anyone has any good recommendations, PLEASE let me know!!


What I’m listening to… 

I’ve loved Ed Sheeran’s new album, and Josh’s Turner’s latest. Plus Tenth Ave North’s new song “I Have This Hope” is AMAZING.


What I’m wearing… 

Dresses! This spring weather has been crazy (hot and cold!), so I’ve been doing easy dresses a lot. Plus, I picked up a few new Oliver and Otis t-shirts and they are my FAVE. The new ones and old ones on repeat. They are super soft and fit really well! They have replaced the basic v-neck tee from Target for me because they are a little looser, and they have such cute designs!



What I’m doing this weekend… 

Steven works through Saturday night, so during the day on Saturday, I’ll go to barre and yoga, and then run any other errands around town to give him a little quiet time to sleep. Then Sunday, we are driving up to Dallas to meet with Ruger and Gump’s trainer and to meet Steven’s parents to get baby B. I need this munchkin back in my life!


What I’m looking forward to next month… 

I don’t think we have anything huge planned for next month yet. Steven will start back on the wards at the VA after these nights and a clinic week. (What we plan to do depends a lot on where he is working since that dictates what and how much time he gets off). I will admit, we are actually pretty excited about the new Fast and Furious movie coming out next month. Don’t ask me why– we just like them. We watched them all (kind of out of order) about this time last year, and this will be our first to see in the theatre!


What else is new… 

We don’t have a whole lot of new or exciting going on, just the final push of residency intern year. In 3 months, this handsome man will be an upper level! (and he’s pumped!)



Bonus question- what is my spring wardrobe staple? 

Dresses! I think they are so much more comfy than shorts (I just can’t find shorts that I think are the right length. Plus, I feel like shorts make me feel so much less tan than a dress for some reason). Plus, these laser cut booties are perfect for spring! I love the look of booties with jeans, but these are much more lightweight and airy than a traditional bootie!


Thanks for stopping by!


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