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#FaveFiveThings- 1.27.17

Happy Friday, y’all!! (I feel like a little hallelujah is in order! Hallelujah, it’s Friday!!) I had a short week, but sometimes those seem harder just trying to get back into your normal swing of things.

Y’all have seen a lot of us this week between Show & Tell Tuesday and What’s Up Wednesday, so thanks for stopping by again! I’m so glad you are here! And, as always, hit the follow button on the side panel if you want updates on the reg about what goes on around here!

So, here are a few things that were my favorites this week!

  1. Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Dessert- Cookie Dough Chip


A few months ago, I did a little looking in to “healthy” ice cream. I bought some Halo Top (which seems to be the big player in this market), and this carton of Arctic Zero because I love me some cookie dough ice cream.

On Monday (as previously mentioned), Steven’s mom and I made chicken and dumplins because that is one of Steven’s top favorite meals. But, here’s the thing… I don’t really like them. They are okay, but I have somewhat of a texture issue with them, so I had a few and then wrapped it up. But, we watched a movie after dinner, so I pigged out on popcorn and my “healthy” ice cream to get some calories back (they would not have been missed, but I ate them anyway!).

So, taking this for what it is, it’s pretty good! It’s got more of an Italian ice texture (not really creamy), and it’s sweet, with special cookie dough made from things that I think are supposed to be better for you than the average cookie dough in ice cream. It covers just about any health buzz word you can think of– lactose free, GMO free, low calorie, extra protein and fiber. Don’t ask me about gluten because I love gluten and we will never part, so chances are, there was gluten in it.

Next on the list is to try the Halo Top. I’ve had a little of the lemon cake flavor and it didn’t remotely taste like lemon cake, so I’m going to see what the chocolate is all about. Let me know if you are an Arctic Zero or a Halo Top fan, and which flavors are good!

2. Slam Duncan O’s


I think I’ve mentioned that we are avid Spurs fans. I mean, all the dogs’ middle names are after Spurs players- Ruger Kawhi, Gump Lamarcus, and Boudreaux Duncan. We were slightly devastated when Tim Duncan retired, just because he is such a good player, and a wonderful guy. Steven’s granny is probably his number one fan- she calls him Teddy Bear, and that man can do no wrong in her eyes.

HEB has a longstanding partnership with the Spurs, and I saw on their Facebook feed early last week that you can now buy Slam Duncan O’s for a limited time only, but figured it was likely just for San Antonio area stores. And then Steven and I went to HEB on Friday night to grab a few things and ran smack into an end-cap display of these. So, of course, we bought one for Granny.

I mean, I have no idea how it tastes. Rumor has it that Granny dug in to hers the day they took it to her earlier this week, so it is probably pretty good (it seems to be a mix of Honey Nut Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs). I just think any  good Spurs fan needs a little piece of this history. 🙂

3. Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palate 


I’m somewhat of a beginner when it comes to eyeshadow. I think I learned my current eyeshadow technique from the back of an Almay palate for green eyes- medium shade all over the lid, dark shade on the outside to crease, and light shade from crease to brow. Right or wrong, it’s what I know.

I was recently in line at Ulta (went there to get my hair trimmed, which basically turned in to a cut because of how gross my ends were), and saw these smaller basics palates on sale by the check out. I’ve always heard good things about Urban Decay, and specifically the Naked palates, but have always felt like buying the whole big thing was a waste because I wouldn’t use all the shades. Maybe an experienced and knowledgable eyeshadow person would, but I’m just not there yet.


And therein lies the beauty of this little gem- it’s only six colors. And they are all colors that normal people are inclined to wear on a regular basis, meaning no color gets wasted or left behind. It’s my way of stepping up my game while still dipping my toes in the water. So, if you are like me (drugstore makeup all the way!) and intrigued by the more upscale offerings, but worried about it being worth it- try this. I’ve loved it so far!

And if anyone has tips, advice, or general counsel on eyeshadow application, let me know. You’re welcome to tell me my technique is wrong, and offer solutions. Or you could tell me I’ve been doing it right all along! That would be sweet, too! 😉

4. A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro


Okay, so I’m not quite finished with this, but it’s been so good so far, I’m pretty confident in my recommendation. I mentioned it on What’s Up Wednesday, and I haven’t had a ton of time since then to get much further, but I’m progressing okay (I thought I would have time Tuesday, but they dilated my eyes at my yearly eye exam so I was basically incapacitated for a while).

This is like an updated version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, with Watson and Holmes’ present day descendants, Charlotte Holmes and Jamie (James) Watson. Jamie has recently joined Charlotte at an elite boarding school in Connecticut. They begin a tentative friendship that strengthens when a classmate is found murdered and they are the two prime suspects. It brings in elements of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and makes blatant references to the original stories.

I think it’s a really creative twist on a classic series, and it’s been really interesting so far. This is one of those kind of in-between genre books because the main characters are teens, but I’d say the subject matter is not necessarily appropriate for teens (sex, drugs, and murder). I grew up as one of the biggest Nancy Drew fans, so mysteries are right up my alley. This is a series, so I’m planning to hit up the next two after this!

5. Hey, Y’all Welcome Mat 


I think “y’all” is one of my favorite words of all. I just love it. I don’t know how people survive without it.

Last week, Steven’s mom and I were talking about outdoor decor, and she mentioned that she had found a new welcome mat at Kirkland’s that said “Hey Y’all”, and I was immediately intrigued.

We don’t have a Kirkland’s here in Temple; our closest one is probably Harker Heights, about 15-20 mins away, but I was in Waco earlier this week for a conference, and found myself right across the street from Kirkland’s. Obviously, I had to stop in and check it out! They had a really cute turquoise one (my signature color!) that says “hello” in pretty white script, but my heart just loves the “y’all”. And I think it looks perfect with our front door wreath! (One of my grandma’s sweet loooooong time friends made that for us as a wedding gift!)


This morning as I was driving home from working out, I noticed the most gorgeous sunrise! #nofilter #godspaintings


I worked a little later than usual yesterday, and these two cuties were waiting for me when I got home…


So, of course, I had to jump in for some snuggles! He’s still small enough that he likes to snuggle, but I feel like we’re quickly outgrowing that. 🙁 Luckily I will always have Gumpers to snuggle!


And Steven got in a little training with all three of them. I swear Gump is loved and adored, even though he doesn’t look like it when he’s training. 🙂


One more of my sweet older boys…


And there’s nothing cuter than a munchkin in a wagon!


Have a great weekend, y’all!

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