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#FaveFiveThings- 2.3.17

Happy Friday, friends! Is anyone else out there a little cold today?? Two days ago, it was (no joke) 80 degrees. Today, it’s in the 40s and cloudy/dreary. But, don’t worry- my phone is telling me it’s going to be 84 next Tuesday… Texas weather be crazy, y’all! (I’ll just take this as an opportunity to wear puffer vests for a little longer!)

I hope everyone has had a great week! Our week has been a little upside down because Steven is working night shifts in the ER, but tonight is his last night! We’ve basically been eating take-out all week because of this craziness (except the night I made one of our faves (sweet and sour chicken- (recipe)) because I got off a little earlier), so eating out has kind of become one of our not faves. Just because we’ve definitely exhausted our options. So, another one of my not faves is about to happen- a big ole trip to the grocery store. But, I’m kind of excited to get back to cooking! I’m also excited to try out a few new recipes for our Alliance bake sale this week. If I end up with some good ones, I’ll let y’all know!

So, this week is a little beauty product heavy, but lots of good stuff to check out!

1. Soap and Glory Smoothie Star “The Breakfast Scrub”

So, I stumbled upon this brand at Target, and I love the marketing/packaging! (it really caught my eye!). They have all kinds of skin care products, like face washes and body washes, and then three different body scrubs. I looked through the three different options, and ended up choosing this one because it didn’t seem as abrasive as the other two (I think the others were a salt and a sugar base?). This has oatmeal and shea, with some sugar as well.

First of all, it smells AMAZING! It’s a little creamier than a primarily sugar or salt based scrub (not super grainy), and my legs were so soft after using it! If you are looking for a more sugar or salt based option, check out their other two scrubs!

2. Sally Henson Insta-Dri in “Show Steel-er” and “Re-Teal Therapy” 

I picked these up the other day because I saw a darker blue on some toes at Barre and thought it was a color I needed to try immediately. I love Essie and OPI, but I think I like the Sally Henson Insta-Dri product just as much. It is very chip resistant (with the At Home Shellac Hack), and I love the wide, thick brush that comes in it- it makes application so much easier!! I have a few other colors from this brand, and I think they are becoming some of my favorites!

3. Formula 10.0.6 Masks


I also found these at Target (let’s just issue a blanket statement that Target is one of my top favorites), I think either in the skincare area or the sample area. They make larger versions of these, but I grabbed the small ones (for $3 each) to test them out.

The orange one is a Papaya and Citrus Skin Brightening peel mask, so it goes on clear (smells AMAZING!!), and peels off when it’s dry. Let’s pretend like I was able to get it all off in one piece. Or even five pieces. Okay, it took a ton of pieces to peel this off, but it still came off, and I felt much brighter after!

The pink one is a Skin Clarifying Mud Mask, so it is similar to charcoal mask and used to pull out gunk from your skin. You wash it off with a washcloth after it hardens.

I’m loving these! Between these, and my Biore charcoal wash, and me actually washing my make up off every night like a real adult, I don’t think my skin has ever looked better 😉

4. EOS Tube Chapstick

I’ve liked EOS for a long time, but those little egg things are not my favorite. I feel like they wear weirdly (you get like a hole in the middle??), and they are hard to store with my small bags in my big bag purse situation (somehow having umpteen smaller bags to put everything in makes the one big purse seem organized, right?).

I grabbed a set of the Strawberry Shortcake at HEB last week and really liked it (and with the current theme of today- it smells AMAZING). Steven had really chapped lips earlier this week, and ended up using some of the tube I had by my sink, but refused to take it with him because it is pink. So, I grabbed the Blueberry and Cool Mint (blue and turquoise) so he would have some manlier colors to choose from.

They are all good and moisturizing, but have different great smells. I recommend them all! And the tube is so much easier than the dumb egg!

5. Selah 

Anyone feel like contemporary Christian music is a little much sometimes? I love it, and I have my fave jams, but sometimes I just want a little Jesus music that is quiet and calm. Earlier this week, somewhat by accident, I discovered the group Selah and they are quiet, calm, moving, and classic. Keep in mind, I was raised in (and still attend) the Church of Christ, so there is nothing prettier to me than a cappella hymns. Selah isn’t strictly a cappella, but there are minimal instruments.

I fell in love with this one…

But I’ve cycled through the entire catalog on Spotify the last few days. I find it comforting and peaceful, and I hope you do, too! If you like this style of music, you can also check out the ZOE group, a professional a cappella group, or Best Friends, the collegiate a cappella ensemble from Lubbock Christian University.

How cute is this little nugget??


He apparently has some breathing issues… He only honked like this for a little bit, and then thankfully it got better.


Everyone went on a retrieving field trip last Saturday (to the field near our house) and did great! Boudreaux isn’t really bred to retrieve, nor is he old enough to know or really have the instincts, but he tried to keep up with the big boys! Gump is getting comfortable and good with getting it and bringing it back consistently, and Ruger is learning “over”, which means Steven puts out two dummies, and tells him which one to get or find instead of him free-wheeling it. This will help him track down birds that he may not see where they fall and Steven has to direct him to them.


I hope y’all have a great weekend! For more faves, check out Momfessionals, A Little Bit of Everything, and Grace and Love Blog!


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