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Show & Tell Tuesday- 1.24.17

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today, I’m linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for a little show and tell!


Today’s show and tell topic is… Saves and Splurges! So, we are going to talk about ways that we save, and things we love to splurge on.

As far as saves go, we’re kinda boring, and don’t really have a groundbreaking way that we are shoveling away tons. I like to buy in bulk, and that saves us money (I mostly do this because I’d rather buy things a few times as possible instead of constantly). We put money in retirement accounts and investments accounts because #adulting. I will wait for things to go on sale before buying them because it saves, and because that feels like a bigger/better accomplishment than just buying things. All very basic things as far as saving goes.

As far as splurges, we have some different tastes up in here. Steven likes to splurge on…


Dogs and Hunting Gear 😉

He loves Benelli shotguns, and loves spoiling all our fur children with new toys, dummies, collars, houses, kennels, accessories, etc.

I like to splurge on…

books, home decor, and clothes at Target.

Together, we like to splurge on food and date nights. We are good at eating good meals (we love steak!), and good at enjoying good movies at the movie theater with plenty of popcorn!

(I’m sorry, I always think that I should take pics when we are eating or at the movies, but then I forget! We get too wrapped up in the food! 😉 ).

So, share some of your splurges with me!! I’d love to know some good things that you think are worth the price tag!

And here’s a little Boudreaux for you… 😉


Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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