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#FaveFiveFriday- 1.20.17

Hey, y’all! Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Our week has been a little different because we have Steven’s parents here with us. His mom went through a total knee replacement on Wednesday, and has been a total champ! Since they are staying with us, I took a week off, so Tuesday was my Friday 😉 . Her surgeon said everything went perfectly, and she is recovering nicely, which are answered prayers.

I have some fun things this week that I think y’all will like, so here we go!

1. Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale 


It’s that time of year again, y’all! I typically go once a year to B&BW and stock up on body wash so that I’m good for the year (bulk shopping is my jam, especially when it’s on sale!). Steven and I were at the Temple mall a few nights ago, and I stopped in to get my yearly supply. The sale is buy three/ get three free on the signature care, and then they have the bin of clearance items as well. When I went up to check out, my total was a little more than I expected, but it was because I had picked up five instead of six, so, grabbing one more dropped my total by about $20. Steven was amazed that buying more made the total less- I said it’s just shopping math 😉 

All in all, the total amount I saved was more than the total amount that I spent, which makes me feel so accomplished (and is one of my favorite things ever!). I chose 9 different fragrances just to mix it up- some old, some new. I picked Pink Cashmere, Hello Beautiful, Beautiful Day, Lavender and Honey, Love and Sunshine, Pretty as a Peach (my Buy 3/ Get 3), and Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea, Sweet Magnolia and Clementine, and Bourbon Strawberry and Vanilla (clearance fragrances at $3.50 each).

So, if you are in need of anything from Bath and Body Works, now is the time to go!

2. Patriots Day


While we were walking through the mall Monday night, we passed the movie theatre and joked that we should stop at a movie, mainly just to get a little popcorn. That was keeping in mind that we should have been at home cleaning and getting things ready for our house guests, but we are master procrastinators. All the early shows there had started, so we decided to head on over to the other theater in town to see Patriots Day.

Y’all, this movie is just so intense and runs the gamut on emotions. We laughed, we cried, we were riveted. It was such a good movie!

Be aware- this movie has what I would consider atrocious language. The first two minutes has the “f” word about twenty times, literally. Definitely violent, but I think fairly true to life. That happened during my second semester of grad school, so I can’t say I was as up on current events as I should have been. But it is good, and so triumphant in the end! I even said to myself, “Self, we should run a marathon. Or like a half. Or maybe a 5K.” And Self replied, “NO, MA’AM. We HATE running.” Which is so, so true. So, I’ll stick with my other workout for now. 😉


3. Rimmel Matte Primer


A week or two ago, in the midst of traveling down an Internet/ blogging rabbit hole, I ended up watching part of a video of Edie Wadsworth getting her makeup done, as recommended by Melanie Shankle (Big Mama) of The Big Boo Cast. A long while later, I decided it was high time I added a primer to my make up routine.

I did a small search for best drugstore primers and landed on the Rimmel brand. Once at Walgreen’s, I opted for the matte option. I am loving it so far! I use a matte finish foundation, which works to keep everything from getting shiny, but I think this really puts me through the whole day without getting oily or shiny. It is a very thick consistency, so it really fills in any holes and smoothes everything out. They have other options, but I would recommend the matte version!

4. John Mayer- The Search for Everything- Wave 1


If I could only listen to one musician for the rest of my life, it would be John Mayer. He is musical comfort food to me, and on any given day I can cycle through any era of his music and be happy.

His newest album is coming out slightly different than previous albums- in waves. He released Love on the Weekend as a single a month or so ago, and then now, the first wave of the album (The Search for Everything) is out today- four songs are now available. It is my understanding that he is releasing four songs at a time, once a month for the next few months. I’m loving these first four, and can’t wait for more!


5. Hidden Figures


THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING! We went on our Friday night date to see this last week and LOVED it!! So inspiring, funny, and moving. I would highly recommend it!

It is rare that we end up at the movies this often, but we happened to see two very good (very different!) movies this week, so you get two movie recs! If I were to pick just one, this would be it, but they were both really good and part of my fave things I did this week!


We spent last Sunday night being disappointed by the Cowboys 🙁 and snuggling with our boys. Gump is basically the same size as Ruger at this point. And Ruger apparently thinks he needs to be in every picture, so he photo bombs. 😉


We took Gump out for a solo retrieving trip this week and he did so well!



Then, he got a heeling lesson with Ruger. Ruger is so good at this, and Gump was so not having it. He tried to distract Ruger, and then looked at me like this was the worst thing he’d ever had to do. But he’s getting better 😉


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Y’all have a great week!! 🙂

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