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#FaveFiveThings [2.17.17]

Happy Friday, and happy middle of February!

Rolling into the weekend Gump style… 

I hope all of you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, and have a fun weekend planned. If you are needing a dinner idea, check out my recipe for cast iron skillet steaks here that I posted yesterday. They are delicious, and much less hassle than the grill!

This week was a little hectic thanks to the mid-week holiday, and I’m so excited it’s the weekend! 🙂 Monday, I picked up Rudy’s on my way home, I cooked Tuesday night, and then attempted to cook again Wednesday night, and it ended up taking entirely too long and we ended up giving up and getting take-out. Some weeks you have it all together; some weeks you end up waiting to pick up to-go in the Olive Garden lobby in your pajamas. #winsomelosesome #itstimeforabreak

Anywho, I’ve got some fun things to share for our #favefivethings this week, so let’s get started!

  1. A Dog’s Purpose


Okay, so spend any time around here whatsoever, and you’ll notice that our 3 pups are like our kids. They get all the attention, all the loving, all the spoils around here. They help make up our little family!

Steven and I decided to go see this last weekend because we love dogs (most specifically, our dogs, of course). It is so good. But SOOOOOOO emotional. About forty five minutes in, I started crying and didn’t stop for probably 30 minutes or so (three of the stories in the main dog’s life (lives… I don’t want to ruin anything!)). And this was not a few stray tears, this was full-on ugly cry, and I was trying to be quiet, so that meant I was even louder than I would have been if I would have just cried like a normal person. At one point, I heard someone whisper near us “Someone is really crying!”. Yes ma’am. That’s me.

I think any dog parent will love this, even though it rips your heart out and roller skates over it in some parts. It has a great ending, and I think it will be really inspiring to people to adopt some pets. We went home and hugged ours for as long as they would let us. And then they all went crazy through the house and we (I) didn’t feel quite so sad and emotional anymore. 🙂


2. World’s Softest Socks

You have to be pretty confident to name your product the world’s best, friends. But, I’ve worn a lot of fuzzy socks in my life, and I have to say, these seem to live up to the hype.

My mother-in-law bought me these at Christmas and they are SO WARM. And the softest. They wash pretty well, and don’t lose any softness with washing. I love the fun colors and that they are a medium height (not too short, not too tall).

Check out the World’s Softest website for more info!


3. Masterminds

I mentioned yesterday that we tried to watch a movie on Valentine’s Day. We rented Masterminds from the Time Warner On Demand and it didn’t work. We rented it from Amazon Prime, and it still didn’t work, but luckily, the rental was for 48 hours, so we watched it the next night once our internet decided to cooperate.

So, we were anticipating that this would be really dumb (thanks to a mainly SNL alum cast), but just something funny. It was actually really funny, and not all that dumb! Little to no crude humor, and no terrible language. If you are looking for something funny (and apparently true???), just this one out!


4. Warby Parker


I had my annual eye exam a few weeks ago, and it was time to get new glasses. This was actually my second time to use Warby Parker and it was another great experience!

First, you go through the website and choose five frames you think you might like. They send those to you with glass lenses, and you can try them out for five days. I wore a few of my options around for a day or two, mostly to test out comfort and fit and ended up (with Steven’s help) choosing these!

I LOVE them! And I’ve been wearing them every day since I got them instead of my contacts. I love that you don’t have to choose one set of frames under pressure at the optometrist (never do you question your style as much as this pressure tank!) and can make sure they are comfortable and fit your face. You can either upload a copy of your prescription yourself, or have them get it from your provider. And the BEST part??? Frames and lenses are $95 TOTAL. And for every pair purchased, Warby Parker distributes a pair to a person in need through various nonprofits around the world. #purchasewithapurpose


5. Kat&Jared- EP


So, Kat & Jared are a local duo here in Temple that sing Praise and Worship music. They lead worship at the Bethel Church here in the area, and recently put out an EP of original P&W songs (5 total) that are great!!

Fun Fact #1: Jared was actually the lead guitarist/ member in Flyleaf, a popular alternative rock band. He and Kat have been married for about 10 years and have started a joint music career.

Fun Fact #2: Jared was our realtor when we bought our house…

Jared works also as a realtor with the Ryan Smith Home Selling Team. Ryan Smith was recommended to us by multiple people in the event that we were moving to Temple, and Jared was the agent that contacted us when we asked for more info through their website. He was a great realtor to work with and helped us find our wonderful house here! (And he was super nice when I was a weirdo and asked for an autograph for one of my coworkers in Amarillo 🙂 ).

Anyway- Kat has a wonderful voice, and I’ve had this collection on repeat several times the last few weeks. The only thing I don’t like– there aren’t enough songs!! Check them out on iTunes and their website, and if you are in the Central Texas area, they will be playing on the Exalt stage at SXSW in Austin on March 14!


We have an exciting weekend of loving on these goobers planned! They are headed out next Sunday for retriever training for five months (FIVE MONTHS!! 🙁 ), so we have to love on them while we can!!


Today’s faves are linked up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday Favorites!




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