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Choose Your Own Adventure Week

Hey, friends! We are deep in the trenches of fall, and loving it! We’ve had a small cold snap for a few days, and it has started to get back to pretty warm in the afternoons, but the mornings and evenings are brisk and it’s wonderful! I actually wore a jacket to go to the…… Continue reading Choose Your Own Adventure Week

Salt Creek Retrievers

Tuesday Talk– Salt Creek Retrievers Update

Hi, friends! As I’ve mentioned before, we have two black lab retrievers that are being trained as hunting retrievers. Here are Gump and Ruger…   Labs have an innate drive to retrieve, and they will all be excellent at playing fetch, but there’s a little more to it than that when it comes to retrieving…… Continue reading Tuesday Talk– Salt Creek Retrievers Update

Salt Creek Retrievers

Gump [2.13.17]

Today is our sweet Gumpers’ 6-month birthday! Our little Gumpkin has gotten so much bigger! He is weighing in at about 60 pounds now, with no signs of slowing. He has finally outgrown his sweet baby face, and is starting to look too grown up. He still enjoys himself a good nap very often, and…… Continue reading Gump [2.13.17]

Salt Creek Retrievers

#ruger #gamedog

As you may have seen on the About page, we are proud parents to a black Lab puppy named Ruger (full name: Ruger Kahwi Smith, named for his father’s first firearm, and his father’s favorite Spurs player). He came to us from the fabulous Crumpler Kennels in Canton, Texas, and boasts a bloodline of champion…… Continue reading #ruger #gamedog