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Red Bank Recap- 11.17.23

We’ve had a busy first few weeks of November! We {finally} wrapped up soccer this past weekend. The kids had fun over the season making new friends and improving skills. We’re planning to take a break from soccer in the spring and let Olivia try basketball with her school and Henry try t-ball. Our goal is to try to get them involved in activities that are in our immediate area rather than “town” (we live in a small community where they go to school, and the larger city where everyone works, shops, etc. is about 30 minutes away). Our school district is not big enough for them to play soccer in high school, so this allows them to develop skills that they can use longer term most likely as well.

This year Olivia asked to be Cinderella and Henry wanted to be Simba for Halloween. Liv is all about all things princess these days, and got to wear her costume to school for the vocabulary parade. All the students wore their costumes but came with a sign with a word describing their costume. For Cinderella, we went with “resilient” (although we did get the great suggestion of “destitute” from Daddy, haha!). Henry has been obsessed with all things The Lion King since we saw it in the West End in London in April, so Simba was an obvious choice for him. He trick or treated the costume parade at preschool with his class. On the Thursday before Halloween, the kids visited Granny at her assisted living for the family carnival.

On Halloween night, our church hosted their annual fall festival, and this year I volunteered to co-chair it, so my people got to be there from before start to after finish, and were troopers! We had a great turnout from the community, and it is so nice to be in one spot all night with all our favorite people!

We had our first kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch. One of the low key best parts of living in a small tight-knit community is getting to do all the life things with your besties! One of our besties has twins that are in Liv’s grade, so that morning, Henry and I went to the middle school pep rally to cheer for their oldest son on the 7th grade football team, and then we rode together to the pumpkin patch. We had a great fall time and then we all got to ride home together.

The best part of going to the pharmacy is seeing one of our good friends who is the pharmacist! He teaches Henry wrestling moves at church, so our visit to the pharmacy included a tour behind the counter, and a WWE demonstration. 😂

We got a little early Thanksgiving feast at the elementary school last week and it was surprisingly good! (I say surprisingly because I’m not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving food in general, and mixing that with preparation in an elementary school cafeteria just doesn’t sound like it would be amazing, but it was good!). Gran and Bud joined us, and we all got to eat with our besties. We wrapped up the meal with a trip to the book fair and an early dismissal- just in time for a turkey nap!

We are busy with all things Nutcracker this week and weekend, and we will tell you all about it next week! 🙂

Check out this week’s recipe HERE and read all about last weekend’s adventure at the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea HERE. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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