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Time for Tea!

This past weekend, we had the sweetest time at the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea!

Olivia’s ballet studio puts on a large production of The Nutcracker every November and the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea is held the weekend before to raise money for summer dance intensive scholarships for the older dancers. Since Liv is a Tiny Angel in the show this year, I thought it would be fun to have a girls’ afternoon at the tea! We invited Grammy, Gran, and some of our besties to join us, and it was so fun!

We were treated to an assortment of cupcakes, finger sandwiches, thumbprint cookies, chocolates, and Mexican wedding cookies. They had a variety of tea, plus coffee (my choice, haha!), and pink lemonade for the littles. Everything was “very fancy” according to Liv, and they did a great job making everything feel special. It was little girls, moms, and grandmas galore, all dressed to the nines!

After time to mingle and eat, they had each character take the little girls from each table to learn a small section of her part from the show. They got to perform their routine for the audience after a brief instruction time. You could tell this wasn’t their first tea- getting the littles working out their wiggles was a pro move!

After the littles performed, the cast gave an abbreviated non-pointe performance as a teaser for the real show. They did a great job! We also got to meet both Claras.

It was an enjoyable afternoon that reminded me how special it is that our sweet girl has both grandmas so close and they can all make fun memories together. What a treasure! Now we’re ready to see our Tiny Angel in action this weekend!

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