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Off to Kindergarten!

This week is a week I’ve been both excited for and dreading for as long as I can remember- our oldest started kindergarten on Wednesday!

This little girl lived it up for the summer- horse camp, ballet camp, art camp, and zoo camp, along with handing out programs at their sweet babysitter’s wedding, hitting the local water park a few times, and hosting GrandBetty and Pa Wayne for a few days.

To celebrate starting kindergarten, we had a “Livy Day” a few Saturdays ago. She chose to go eat “fancy food” (a nice steakhouse here in town that also happens to be our favorite ;)), and then bowl and play in the arcade at an entertainment center. We had so much fun! She is such a kind heart, and she couldn’t wait to leave the arcade and visit Steven’s granny to share the prizes she won. 🙂

On the night before school started, she got to go one more time to eat “fancy food” (what can I say, we don’t turn down an opportunity to eat our favorite either!), and then home to bed. Daddy said a special prayer for her first day (for all of us- because if I’m honest, I might have been bumming just as hard if not harder than she was…), and I gave her our special kindergarten bracelets. She has a small one, and I have a big one, and it comes with a little poem about being in each other’s hearts even when we’re apart, which I hoped would ease some of her separation anxiety.

Wednesday morning was a bright and early one- the tardy bell around here rings at 7:55, so we had to be up, ready, and out way earlier than we have in a long time! Since it was the first day, I walked her all the way into her classroom to put her backpack and lunchbox away and helped her settle at her desk. As soon as she started to tear up and look a little unsure, I gave her a big hug and kiss and skidded out the door so I didn’t lose it in front of her. Is there anything worse as a mom than sending your kid to do something they are scared to do?? I was super proud that she stayed on her own without getting upset before I left- I was terrified to be without people I knew at that age, so she’s already miles ahead of me!

I knew I would be a wreck all day if I stayed home and just waited for her to get out, so some fellow kinder moms and I all met at a local cafe for breakfast. We have kids at 3 different local schools, so we met a little later and it gave time for Henry to really sink into that “only child at home during the day” life. I’ll break it to him later that he’s got about 2 weeks and then he’s back to 2 day preschool 😉

The rest of the day passed fairly quickly- we went to a salad lunch at church, and I worked in my bible class classroom at church decorating and getting ready to start a new year. And before I knew it, it was time to head to the school for a short parent meeting and to pick up our favorite girl! She said she had a great day, and I’m so thankful! It still hasn’t really sunk in that this is our normal, and that she’ll go to school like all day every day, but it just makes it immeasurably more bearable that she likes it and wants to go. It is a blessing to be at such an amazing school/ school district, and we know it will be a great year!

We love this girl beyond words and pray that she has a year of growing in knowledge and confidence. We pray she will find a love of learning, perseverance, and an appreciation for tackling and mastering difficult things. Most of all, we pray she will be a light to others and will find joy in being a friend to all. Happy first week of school!

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