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January 2022 Books!

Happy February! I started the year with my goal of needing to read 5 books a month to reach 60 for the year and feeling a little intimidated if I was going to be able to make 5 books a month happen. Now, January is a longer month, but I actually got to 7! (and I liked every one!) I ran the gamut between self help/organization, domestic thriller, rom com, and historical non-fiction, and they were all good!

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

This was such a cute rom com! I loved the quirky characters that made it more interesting than just your average “they hate each other but secretly love each other” romance. It’s a quick read, witty, and charming, and if you need a cotton candy happy ending, this is a great one!

The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

This one is about as far opposite as you can get from the last one! This is a domestic thriller about a man who meets a random woman at the airport. He tells this random woman off-handedly that he believes his wife is cheating on him and jokes that he’d like to kill her for it. The random woman doesn’t think it’s a joke, and works out a plan with him to make this happen. There are many other twists, turns, and connections that kept me on the edge of my seat and very unsettled at the end because I got so invested in the story! If you liked The Last Mrs. Parrish, you will like this one!

A Simplified Life by Emily Ley

And another hard left turn from the last book, haha! This was a great, fast, easy read with a lot of take-aways about organizing, simplifying, and creating margin in all aspects of life. There is nothing revolutionary or new about her advice, but reading it at the New Year in a time where we are about to start drastically purging to sell our house and move, it was a great kick in the butt to get started and gave me several jumping off points to actually get things done.

Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan

by Christopher Andersen

I am a huge British history nerd, and love all things Royal family. My friend Sarah recommended this book, and I found it fascinating! It gives an in-depth look at William and Harry’s lives from birth through present day, and how Charles and Diana’s relationship, Diana’s death, Charles’s relationship with CPB, their relationship with the Queen, and their relationships with their now wives formed and changed the relationship between William and Harry as brothers. If you are interested at all in British history, I think you would like this (it read a lot like the literary version of an episode of The Crown– like historical information, but told more narratively). If you have no interest in the Royal family, probably on the boring side, haha!

The Maid by Nita Prose

This is a kitschy “whodunnit” about Molly, who works at a very upscale hotel as a maid when she finds a very high profile guest dead in his room, and the ensuing investigation. It is told from Molly’s POV, and it is insinuated that Molly is probably on the spectrum as she struggles with social cues, and does well with the repetitive tasks of working at the hotel and has a set formula for how to interact with others (and she doesn’t do well if her interaction deviates from the formula). This POV infuses some humor into an otherwise dark subject matter, so if you like mysteries, this is unique and fun!

Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre

This is another domestic thriller, so the basic plot of a woman figuring out if her husband is cheating on her with the next door neighbor, who is also one of his employees. This flips each chapter from the wife’s POV to the other woman’s POV and it wraps up at the end with some twists and turns. I thought it was suspenseful and I was surprised at some of the plot twists, so I didn’t find it predictable.

I re-upped my Kindle Unlimited subscription at the beginning of the year, and this was my first KU e-book/ audiobook combo, so I was able to listen to the audiobook at times when I wanted to keep reading but couldn’t physically read and that was great!

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

This was another Kindle Unlimited e-book/ audiobook, and I loved being able to flip back and forth to finish it faster!

Colleen Hoover is an emotional terrorist.

This is my second of hers- I read It Ends With Us last year and felt the same way about it. She has the most ridiculous way of creating very flawed characters that you actually really want to root for- especially situations where you have two flawed characters at odds and you want to root for them both but there doesn’t seem like a way there can be complete reconciliation or a complete happy ending for all sides. And I am very much a fan of happy endings. I’d say I liked this one better than It Ends With Us because there was a very small sliver of a chance of a happy ending, where there wasn’t one with IEWU. But thank goodness hers are typically fast reads so it’s like cannonballing into a pool of emotions- a deep dive and dunk, but you are able to come up for air quickly!

And that was January! I’ve knocked out 3 and started my fourth book of February already (number four is One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid for just a little sneak peek!), so that makes 10 going on 11 for 2022 so far! Feel free to leave me recommendations in the comments and I’ll see y’all next month! Thanks for stopping by!

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13 thoughts on “January 2022 Books!

  1. good job on surpassing your goal for january! i find my months go up and down (especially in the summer) so i don’t mind when i read more one month, it makes up for the slower months lol
    i loved josh & hazel! so cute!
    i have owned the kind worth killing for… a long time lol. hopefully i’ll get to it this year.
    i cracked up at emotional terrorist – so true. i haven’t picked up one of hers since it ends with us (or maybe verity, i forget which one was last) for that reason lol. maybe 2022 will be the year i revisit her.

    1. I read Verity earlier this month and haven’t picked up another Colleen Hoover yet, haha! Once you get into The Kind Worth Killing you won’t be able to put it down!

  2. Wonderful reading month. I want to check out Josh and Hazel. I need to read Hoover. I own November 9 so it’ll probably be that one first.
    I’m curious about The Kind Worth Killing because I love mysteries/thrillers. I also want to check out The Maid. 🙂

    I recommend any book by Charlie Donlea. He’s become one of my favorite mystery authors in the last couple years. I need to read his latest one, but I’ve read the rest.

    Lauren @ http://www.shootingstarsmag.net

  3. Great job on meeting your goal for the month & love the variety! I really enjoyed The Maid too– I was definitely surprised/confused by part of the ending, but otherwise found the characters so fun to read about. Josh & Hazel is on my list– I’ve loved all of the CL I’ve read so far.

    1. It was definitely not the ending I expected, and some of it did wrap up a little strangely but I think it was easier to go with given that it was first person POV with an offbeat narrator maybe? It is definitely unique and I enjoyed it! You will love Josh and Hazel if you like CL for sure!

    1. I started that one but only made it a few pages before losing interest, honestly. But her planners do intrigue me! I’ve used a Plum Paper planner the last few years and absolutely love it but I feel like I’m always interested in looking at different ones, haha! Thanks for stopping by!

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