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What’s Up Wednesday February 2020

I don’t know about y’all, but it was kinda feeling like spring the last few days, so happy start to the end of winter! 😉 I think part of it is because Steven mowed our grass on Sunday so it smelled like spring, haha! Anyway, Happy March, y’all! While January felt like the longest month ever, February has felt like cramming a pound into a half pound sack with everything we’ve had going on, so I’m ready for March so things will slow down a bit! Here’s a little recap of our February with What’s Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay!

What We’re Eating…

I don’t have a hard plan for each day really yet, but when we grocery shopped on Sunday, we got sirloins and salmon, and already had chicken we plan to marinate and grill, and shrimp scampi that we’ll eat with steamed rice and vegetables. We are headed out of town on Friday, so we just needed four dinners this week!

What I’m Reminiscing About…

Well, five years ago today, these babies got engaged!

And four years plus one week ago, these slightly older babies got married!

Nearly two kids, a move, a completed residency, a fellowship, and four dogs later, it feels like we’ve crammed so much into the last 4-5 years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, but we’re so enjoying the ride! Here’s to four years and plenty more!

What I’m Loving…

We bought ourselves a king sized bed in January as a late Christmas gift to each other, and I’m certain it has been the BEST INVESTMENT OF OUR MARRIAGE. No joke. We love it. I don’t love how much I have to pay for sheets now, but it’s still totally worth it to have the extra space. If you are on the fence of getting a queen vs. king– get the king! You won’t regret it!

What I’ve Been Up To…

We have been super busy! At the beginning of February, we had a pretty big cold snap roll through, and we actually got some snow! I took Livy to play for a few minutes in it in our backyard because it had already started melting in the front yard by the time the sun was up. She seemed interested, but shouted “I’m cold!!!!” after a few minutes, so we went back inside. I think she’s definitely a Texas girl!

The next week/ weekend, we prepped and got ready for her second birthday and second birthday party! We had both of our families come in for a “Taco Two-sday” themed fajita fiesta at lunch on Saturday and it was so fun! We had delicious food and cake, and then she opened gifts (we requested clothes and books since she got so many toys for Christmas and has been quickly outgrowing her current wardrobe!), and we broke open a pinata. We’re really hoping that pinata experience isn’t scarring/ traumatic because she seemed to really not understand why we were beating open her friend she was so excited to buy a few days before. Whoops!

Her actual birthday was the next day, and we had donuts on our gifted Happy Birthday plate from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Baby girl is not really a morning person, haha! We took a day trip, and ended the day with dinner and dessert at Abuelo’s, just like we did for her first birthday (I think this became our tradition!), and she loves her some lava cake!

The next weekend, we headed out on Friday afternoon for Dallas for a baby shower for our niece! She and Henry are set to arrive about the same time, so they are like “twin cousins”, so it only made sense that we’d end up with their showers on the same weekend- luckily not the same day! They had a couples shower Friday night with delicious catering from Babe’s Chicken House (which is hands down some of the best fried chicken), and lots of sweet little girl clothes, accessories, and other fun things! Livy climbed right into Uncle Avery’s lap and decided she needed to be the assistant, so she helped open all the gifts and read all the cards.

We came home that night and then the sweet ladies at our church threw us a baby shower for Henry on Sunday afternoon after services. Little man now has a wardrobe and plenty of diapers, so we just need to start getting his room ready! Grammy (my mom) and Gran (Steven’s mom) got to be there, and we had a lot of fun celebrating our little gentleman!

This weekend, we’re headed to Steven’s hometown for his Granny’s 90th birthday party, and then something really big on Monday- this has been in the works for the last several weeks, and I can’t wait to share the details soon! (I probably could now, but I’d like everything to be officially official before I go into all the details!)

What I’ve Been Working On…

There’s been a lot to work on through February– all these parties, haha! Plus, trying to keep a steady stream of clutter going out to balance out all the new stuff coming in. I’ve been utilizing Facebook Marketplace for selling most things and having semi good luck, but am about to start getting creative with getting rid of the remaining things!

What I’m Excited About…

We have really very little scheduled through March and I am so glad. February was such a marathon that we need a little break to be at home and catch our breath before we get to April and things really get turned sideways with Henry’s arrival!

What I’m Watching/ Reading…

Not really watching anything new, other than we just finished the new season of Narcos: Mexico on Netflix (super rated R, so be aware!). As far as reading, I slowed a little this month compared to last month with everything going on, but I do still really love using the Libby app with my Kindle. I finished Eligible, the modernization of Pride and Prejudice, and thought it was really interesting and creative– I think it’s not an easy feat to take a book hundreds of years old and manage to update it in a way that still left surprises, but I definitely did not see some of the turns coming! I just downloaded The Secrets We Kept from Libby, and Melanie Shankle’s new book On the Bright Side dropped this week, so that’s what I’ll be reading next!

What I’m Listening To…

My buddy Travis Cottrell likes to line up album releases with my pregnancies, I think, haha! His album The Reason came out when I was pregnant with Olivia, and I listened to it so much that she immediately calms when I turn it on now, and will try to sing along (I knew they did, but this was just more proof that they definitely hear in the womb!). He has another new album out now called Spirit Rise that is really good, and I’m curious to see if Henry will be the same when it comes to this album!

What I’m Wearing…

I picked up this beautiful non-maternity dress for our baby shower this weekend from Blue Door Boutique and loved it! I think it would be really pretty for maternity pics (which I have no desire to do, but it would be pretty!). I ordered the small so I could wear it still postpartum and it fit with the bump. Liv’s little dress that ended up matching was from Dillard’s. It is part of a legit Mommy and Me set at Dillard’s, but I had bought my dress first, and then found hers by coincidence, plus the Mommy dress was not maternity friendly, haha! Other than that, I don’t have anything new or that impressive!

What I’m Doing This Weekend…

Headed to Granny’s 90th birthday! While I’m not super looking forward to 5-6 hours in the car one way with our toddler at 8.5 months pregnant (nothing is comfortable right now, haha!), I’m excited to celebrate Granny!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

That we have basically nothing scheduled!! We’ll have to stay close to home in case Henry decides to make an early appearance, but it will hopefully be just a slow month of getting ready for him, and soaking up our time with Livy as an only child.

What Else is New…

Well, these two are just the cutest. And there’s no doubt that she is her Daddy’s mini-me!

And I think we’ve got a little lefty on our hands! She has very consistently over the last several months favored her left hand for eating with utensils and coloring, so we’re thinking she’s going to be left handed. But she loves to color the comics with Grand-Betty!

4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday February 2020

  1. Oh my, you & Livy looked so SWEET for your shower in those coordinating dresses! Happy anniversary on not only your wedding but engagement too, so fun 🙂 Enjoy this relaxing month of March!

  2. Happy Engagement-aversary!

    My daughter named her pinata from her 8th birthday (in June) and it came to church with us last weekend. I never ever thought that thing would be around like eight months later. At this point, it’s going off to college with her!

    1. I think ours would be the same if we hadn’t hit it into pieces! It took a lot of hitting to get it open to get the candy, so I’m hoping she’s forgotten about that traumatic part, haha!

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