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Faves for Friday {8.16.19}

Happy Friday, y’all! Time to share a few of our favorites through the week!

So, I didn’t get any pictures (I guess because we devoured it so quickly??) , but our first fave of the week was Chick Fil A’s new mac and cheese that debuted on Monday! We are huge CFA fans, and huge mac and cheese fans, and this did not disappoint!

The announcement of this addition had popped up on my Facebook earlier in the day, but Steven texted me that afternoon to tell me, and to hint around until I asked if he wanted CFA for dinner. I was a little concerned because I really like their fries, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to choose between the two, but once Steven informed me he was getting both, I did, too, haha! A small order of fries, small mac and cheese and CFA sandwich were just enough/ plenty. Livy is a mac and cheese-aholic and she definitely gobbled this down. I’d say it’s a hit and a new favorite! (Along with everything else there! 😉 )

Boudreaux got a new bed over the weekend so he and Livy snuggled a little while we waited for Steven to get home from work Monday night. Watching them together is one of my all time favorites. He’s been hanging in his room during the day this week since it’s been so dang hot outside (The labs seem to handle it better and will swim in their pools to cool off. Bouge is generally laying out in the yard like he’s one short step from death during the heat, so we decided to bring him in). He’s a good sharer- he let Livy take over his bed without any complaints!

We got a “Grammy-Gram” (package from my mom) on Tuesday filled with some new clothes for Livy and she wasted no time wearing her new little slippers around! She got a new outfit to wear now and a few to grow into. She wore those slippers all over until she just wore herself out! I laid her down to nap for a few minutes while I took a nap for a few minutes after dinner (We’re so bad about this. We should just go to bed, but I always have things to do and not enough energy to get them done so a little 20 minute nap recharges us enough to get through it. But Liv should probably just go to bed, haha!), and she was so sweet and squishy when I went in to get her. She has seemed so big and grown up lately, that it was sweet to have a moment like this where she still looked small. I feel like my days are a constant battle of wishing she’d stay just like this forever, and feeling like each day is a little more fun, so I like seeing her grow up. Ugh, time is a thief! (But those huge squish cheeks are my favorite to smooch all over!!)

Grand Betty brought over a tricycle that Liv plays with at their house for her to play with, and it has the old school little bell on the handlebars. Livy has found said bell, and is pretty dang proud of herself for ringing it continuously. It’s slightly annoying, but pretty cute because it makes her so happy.

On Thursday, we had our last playdate meeting of the summer, and it was a bounce house/ pizza party in the church gym. Livy was pretty cautious at first, but really warmed up to the bounce house and had so much fun! Of course, she had to be the one kid that found the flap that opened to the back and got herself stuck in between the baby bounce house and the wall. Luckily, I was able to slide the bounce house out a little and retrieve her because I was really (really, really) worried for a hot second that I was going to have to climb in the bounce house myself and get her out. That wouldn’t have been cute at all, haha!

Later that afternoon, we got Steven ready to head out to take his board exam. Livy tried to use Boudreaux as her own personal horse, and he is always just so good with her. He got tired after a while and stood up, and she just rolled right off his back and across the floor. They are the cutest odd couple.

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to start ramping up vocabulary and other skills with Livy, so I decided to pick up this set of puzzles and this shape sorter from Target on Thursday night. We worked on them some and she did pretty well! I may have underestimated how ridiculous it will be to keep up with all the letters, numbers, and shapes, but I’d do anything for my girl 😉

And that was our week! Steven takes his board exam today, and we are so excited for him to be done with that and ready to have a little fun over the weekend before he starts his first week of hospital call next week. Today is Liv’s 18 month birthday, so I’m sure we’ll celebrate that as well. 🙂

I hope y’all have a great weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday!

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