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Let’s Look- Favorite Binge TV Shows

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today is the Let’s Look link-up with Shay and Erica, and our topic is Favorite Binge TV shows!

So, if I’m honest, it’s hard for me (and Steven) not to binge a show. After so many years of being without cable and relying mostly on streaming, binge watching is kind of the norm for us, and we have to be more intentional about not binge watching and burning through shows way too fast. We are pretty guilty of finding a new show, getting really into it, and finishing it way faster than anticipated and then being out of a show to watch again. Rinse and repeat.

Since we are chronic binge watchers, I’ve grouped our faves into a few different categories to help with your TV viewing. 😉


The Office, Parks and Rec, The King of Queens, Fresh Off the Boat


Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Yellowstone, Friday Night Lights

Shows that I love to binge that my husband has no interest in:

The Crown, Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, Gossip Girl , Veronica Mars

Shows that were really good but really intense (and rated R) so we binge watched them as fast as we could to get that crazy out of our life:

Narcos, Narcos Mexico, Jack Ryan, True Detective (just seasons 1 and 3)... Breaking Bad probably also falls into this category (at least the last few seasons). {I think the common themes here are drugs and violence. But mostly drugs, haha!}

And those are our faves! What are we missing out on? Anything I missed that you love? Leave your faves in the comments because we are always looking for a new show!

And don’t worry– Livy is learning how to binge watch, too! Her faves right now are Beat Bugs, Veggie Tales, and Muppet Babies!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Look- Favorite Binge TV Shows

    1. Parenthood is sooo good! The last time I watched it through was when I was pregnant– it makes me emotional on a regular basis, but watching it with pregnancy hormones was like a whole other level, haha!

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