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Weekend Rewind {7.22.19}

Happy Monday, y’all! Hope everyone had a great weekend– here’s a little look at ours!

I just wanted to start with a little birthday shout out to my sweet mama today! Happy Birthday, Grammy! We love you! (And wish we were sharing cake with you!)

Friday was one of those days that felt busy but nothing was particularly important. I had a sweet junior high aged girl from church come over to watch Olivia while I got my hair cut for the first time in about 9 months. I didn’t get anything drastic done, she just trimmed up the ends to good blunt ends and reshaped my bangs, but it feels like it made all the difference! I look like I have a hair style now, haha! After my hair, I ran a few errands. Again, stuff that wasn’t overly important, just little things that needed to be done and they are easier to do without Olivia- getting my Expedition inspected for the tags, getting my wedding and engagement ring inspected for the warranty, and running to the bank. I made it home by 11:30 or so and Olivia and I snuggled for a few minutes before I put her down for a nap since she’d conned the babysitter into letting her stay up all morning watching Veggie Tales.

I cooked steaks, mac and cheese, and microwave potatoes for dinner on Friday night. Steven ended up scoping until a little after 7, so we ate and then Olivia went straight to the tub because she likes to both eat and play with her mac and cheese. She and Daddy had some after bath snuggles while I grabbed us some chocolate cake from Rosa’s.

On Saturday morning, we went to Starbucks for a breakfast treat– fancy coffee and bacon and gouda breakfast sandwiches (definitely recommend these– they are delicious!). Livy and I got ready and headed out to the splash pad for a birthday party a little before lunch while Steven stayed home to study for his IM boards coming up in August. Our sweet friends Jake and Cortney from our small group at church have two girls that sandwich Olivia- their oldest is about 1.5 years older, and their youngest is a little over a year younger, and it was the older’s 3rd birthday.

We had so much fun! And by so much fun, I mean Olivia took a lap around the edge of the splash pad and spent the rest of the time eating. Cortney is a genius and sliced watermelon into wedges and then added a popsicle stick into the rind– it made it so much easier to eat! (And help the littles eat!) Livy helped herself to at least 3 slices of watermelon, a hot dog, and a bright pink cupcake that was part of the cutest flamingo cupcake cake. And all that eating and staying dry wore her out so much that she fell right to sleep in the car.

We had a pretty low key Saturday night- we ordered pizza (we went with Papa John’s since we typically order from Domino’s just for something different) and watched a few episodes of Fresh Off the Boat. Olivia went to bed around 8 and I read a little in a new book while Steven did practice boards questions. Around 11, after I had fallen asleep in the recliner reading, he asked if I was ready for bed and we headed that way. We are wild and crazy for sure!

Sunday was pretty typical- church, Sunday school, and lunch. We drove to Round Rock (Austin suburb about 45 mins from us) to eat at La Margarita, our favorite Mexican food restaurant after church. In the afternoon, we took naps and Olivia snuck in some more Daddy snuggles. Most of the time, she looks so small (which she is under the 10th percentile for height and weight, so she is small, haha!), but I look at pictures like these and she looks so much bigger than she was even a few months ago!

We grabbed an early dinner at Whataburger and Livy tried ketchup on her fries for the first time. She was a fan! (and I’m super thankful we managed not to get ketchup all over the place!)

On Sunday night, I picked up the house, ordered groceries, and ran to Target for a few essentials while Steven did a few training modules for the hospital and more practice questions. We wrapped up our night around our usual bedtime (10:30-11) to get ready for Monday!

And here are Olivia’s weekly Sunday pictures. Somehow we ended up with a Nacho Libre impression type of thing for the first several… (if you know you know… if you don’t, go watch the Jack Black movie Nacho Libre— you will laugh until you cry, and you’ll also get this, haha!)

And luckily she posed normally for some, too!

Her cold shoulder romper is from Carter’s and shoes are Wonder Nation from Walmart. #livystyle #notsponsored 😉

Have a great week, y’all!

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