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Weekend Rewind {7.15.19}

Happy Monday, y’all! We’re up and moving for another scorchingly hot July Monday in Texas, but it’s a good day to have a good day, right? We had a nice, low-key weekend at home so here’s a little recap!

Livy and I stayed home Friday. We did our usual at-home activities, like play, watch Veggie Tales, close out charts, and finish up the week’s laundry.

Steven got home a little later (near 6-ish, I think?) because he stayed to do a late scheduled scope. We had dinner and watched TV for a little bit. We like pizza on Friday nights, so I decided to make the Pioneer Woman’s cast iron skillet pizza instead of ordering some. It’s our favorite way to make homemade pizza!

Steven and Olivia went to bed early, but I wanted to read a little before bed. A little turned into an entire dang book. Apparently I forgot that I am a nearly 30 year old wife and mom with stuff to do on Saturday because I stayed up until 1:30 starting and subsequently finishing this book…

I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good as everyone (and their dog and mother) has said it would be, but it was good. I mean, good enough to keep me reading that long, haha! It is very suspenseful, and keeps you wanting to keep going to find out what happened, but I’m hesitant to call it the best book I’ve ever read, or really the best I’ve read this year like I’ve heard from a lot of readers. But I’d say it’s definitely worth reading! I got my copy for free from a friend in the medical alliance, so I passed it on when I was finished- otherwise I would have waited for the library (and don’t regret not buying this one).

Steven got up early Saturday morning and grabbed breakfast tacos from Rosa’s before mowing the front and back yard. Olivia and I had breakfast, and then I worked on reorganizing my organization of her closet and outgrown clothes while she watched Dad mow and then Veggie Tales.

Once she’s outgrown a size of clothes or they aren’t weather appropriate, I’ve been storing them in a large plastic tub with a label and saving them in her closet in case we have another girl in the future. I pulled all the 3-6 month clothes out a few weeks ago and finally decided it was time to turn her over to 6-9 month, but the size of tub I bought (the same size as the newborn tub and 0-3 month tub) couldn’t fit all of them. I realized after stopping and counting that girlfriend wore 3-6 month size clothes for 9 months (September-June) so she had accumulated quite a lot! I had bought a few extra tubs the first time I started this project, so I sat Saturday morning and split warm weather and cool weather clothes into two separate tubs so they would all fit.

Once Steven finished with the yard, he ran out to Tractor Supply and Petsmart to get more tubs for the dogs’ water and look for some new dog houses. He was looking for something a little bigger and sturdier than the one we have to help shield them from the heat. After lunch, we headed to the garage to start building the new dog houses while Olivia took her afternoon nap. He got these really cute log cabins that are really sturdy and pretty large. They say they are rated for a 65 lb. dog, but two of our labs (who are about 60-70 lbs. each) fit in one together, and Boudreaux (who tips the scales at 125 lbs.) also fit in one by himself. (It is so hard to get good pictures of the labs, especially when there isn’t good light- their black hair just blends right in!)

After assembling the dog houses, we cleaned off the back porch and did a big water refill for them adding in the two new water tubs. All the labs love sitting inside the tubs and cooling off, but most especially Pecos. He moved from tub to tub sloshing water out and making himself comfortable while Steven filled them all up.

After filling the tubs, it was everyone’s bath time. We washed them in order of most to least enjoyment of baths- Gump, Pecos, Ruger, and Boudreaux. Normally that’s a less than fun task- it’s impossible to do this without getting soaking wet, but it was so hot outside, it was actually kinda nice!

We cleaned up after this and headed to an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. This is one of our few choices in town for a steakhouse, but we don’t go there very often, honestly. But those rolls are hard to resist! Olivia had at least 3, probably closer to four and was very irritated there weren’t more than that.

We hung out a little after dinner, watched a little TV and Steven studied for a while (while I took a nap, I think, haha!) after Livy went to bed. This girl is such a Daddy’s girl! Sometimes I get a little grumpy thinking that he’s her favorite, but then I remember that he’s my favorite too, so I can’t blame her! She’s got good taste! 😉

Sunday was our usual– church and then lunch. Olivia moved up to the next age group for Sunday school and her new teacher is just a delight (I’ve known her for a while and have been anxiously waiting for her to move up to this class because she literally could not be a sweeter lady!). We hit up Rudy’s for lunch and it was really good! We don’t have a Rudy’s in our actual town, we have to go one town over in either direction so we don’t think about it often, but it’s good every time we go! I had ribs and potato salad with chocolate pudding to share with Liv, and Steven had a sliced brisket sandwich, potato salad and pinto beans, and peach cobbler that he tried to share with Livy but she wasn’t having it.

Sunday afternoon/ evening was a lot of napping, studying, ordering groceries, and Sunday pictures. Every Sunday when I was little, my mom would take my picture in my Sunday dress in front of our front door. I have albums full of these pictures and they are such sweet memories, so I’ve tried to start this tradition with Olivia. I don’t always remember, and if they happen, it’s definitely Sunday afternoon or later because on Sunday mornings, I’m in “hair on fire” mode, as Steven calls it, haha! (Hey, I’m not used to having to get me and her ready on a daily basis, we’re spoiled like that! Sunday mornings are a little crazy!) Olivia definitely has her own thoughts and opinions, so it’s a little harder to corral her in the spot these days, but we usually get a few good ones, and they are all usually full of personality.

{I bought her dress at Target on clearance back at Christmas so I’m sure it’s long gone, but it’s Cat & Jack Baby and they may have something similar out now! Her bow is a little clip on glitter number that is precious! It came in a 4-pack from Walmart/ Wonder Nation brand. You can find the set here, but it may be in-store only in your area! She had shoes on a one point. Who know where they are now… #momlife}

And that pretty much wraps it up! Have a great week, y’all!

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  1. Oh I just love those Sunday pictures, how sweet! I’m waiting on that book at my library since I’ve heard a lot similar to you that it was good but not necessarily the best or a required purchase. Have a great week 🙂

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