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Faves For Friday {7.12.19}

Happy Friday, y’all! After a long (long, long, long) hiatus, I’m bringing Friday faves back! It’ll be a little different than how I did it previously- not a set number or as many products/ things/ services/ etc. and a little free form, and a little simpler!

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Favorite Thing I’ve Listened to…

Work and Play with Nancy Ray podcast

I started following Nancy Ray on Instagram earlier this week after she took over The Mama Well IG account (which is great for moms of littles, or moms in general– they have different mamas/ Christian women “take over” every week and share different experiences and tips, etc.). I instantly liked her and everything she had to say, so I started following her IG, and then found her recently launched podcast. The episodes are short (10-30 minutes) and all have a functional/ practical message. I’ve listened to a few so far, but my favorite has been episode 10- 5 Ways to Work Through Overwhelm. I’m not currently overwhelmed, but as a working mom with a small child, overwhelm isn’t always that far off, so I thought these were really great tips, and I’ve been incorporating some just because I think they could really help. If you are a mama, a business owner, a wife, or a busy person, definitely check this out! And part of why I love this so much is because her voice is just the most adorable thing! I really love just listening to her talk!

Favorite Thing I’ve Worn This Week…

Time and Tru Water Slides

I bought these slides from Walmart before we went to the lake and I really wear them all the time because they are really comfortable. They are like if a Birkenstock sandal and a Croc had a baby, so great for summer and being in the water (and I think a dupe for something Birkenstock actually makes, but wayyyy less expensive). What I like about these versus like a regular flip flop or even my Chacos is that they dry so, so fast after you’ve been in the water, like faster than any other water shoes I’ve ever seen. Mine are actually the turquoise color, but I couldn’t find those online to link, and it looks like all the colors are in-store only, but they are totally worth the $6 and a trip into the store. They were a favorite this week because I wore them to Olivia’s playdate at the splash pad on Thursday and they were way more comfy than wearing my Chacos the last time we went splash-padding.

I didn’t snap a picture when I wore them at the splash pad but this was one day at the lake!

Favorite Thing That Made Me Laugh…

Olivia in her Halloween Cabbage Patch Kid wig

When putting Olivia to bed a few nights ago, I grabbed her Cabbage Patch Kid wig from last Halloween and put it on her just to see what she would do. She was so little (7-ish months) when she actually wore it for Halloween, so she didn’t really mess with it, which seemed to surprise people. Well, it still seems to not bother her! She wore it around with her jammies for a good 20+ minutes just tootling around the house like it was the most normal thing ever and we could. not. stop. laughing. There’s just something about it that was so stinking funny, and I think it will always make me laugh!

Favorite Thing We’ve Eaten…

Chocolate Layer Cake at Pappadeaux

Steven and I got to go on a date alone Sunday night thanks to my mom, and after a great dinner, we capped it off with this layer cake and every single bite was completely delicious. 🙂

Favorite Thing I’ve Seen Out and About…

Livy in her swimsuit!

Obviously, I can’t get over this girl, but her wearing her little swim suits is my favorite! For the most part, they look like a one piece, but occasionally she eats so many snacks that the top rides up a little and her little belly hangs out under the ruffle and I can’t stand how cute it is! We got both her swimmies at Target (the other is pink with flamingos on the bottoms) and they are UPF 50 rash guard suits and just the cutest. This was at the splash pad yesterday- we went for about 2 hours to play with friends and she spent approximately one hour and forty five minutes eating snacks and her lunch. It’s a good thing eating is also one of her besties’ hobbies! They both hung out on the side while I fed them puffs like zoo animals, haha!

Have a great weekend, y’all!!

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