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Weekend Rewind- 7.8.19

Happy Monday, friends! I’m trying to get in a better habit of writing more often and doing a better job of using this space to preserve memories of this current season, so I thought I’d start with recapping our long holiday weekend!

Since Steven started fellowship on Monday, he’s now primarily on clinic and endoscopy during the day (unless he’s on call in the hospital, which won’t start for several weeks until he’s finished with his internal medicine boards). He had the day off for July 4th, so we got to have a whole family day together! My mom was in town because she covered for our nanny (GrandBetty) the day before, so my dad came down for lunch, and we had delicious Mexican food at one of our favorite places (after we got to sleep in pretty late, which was amazing!).

They headed home in the afternoon, and we hung out until it started to get dark, and then headed up to our church. It sits on the interstate near the park where our city was shooting off their big fireworks display, so our young families’ group met at the church for a little food and games fellowship and then watching the fireworks show from the parking lot. It was so fun! The kiddos passed around glow sticks and necklaces, and we have a few older girls (like late junior high/ early high school) that are always sweet and play with the younger girls (our little munchkins). The fireworks show was great, and then we were able to head straight home without having to fight traffic or anything. Win win!

Friday was back to normal- Steven went to work and I worked at home on my week’s charts, Livy girl and I played, and I tackled all our laundry (after a few morning snuggles!). We had a low key Friday night with a little pizza and a movie (Always Be My Maybe on Netflix- it’s so funny and cute!).

We slept in late again on Saturday, and had an early lunch after Steven did some board studying and Alex kicked my butt on the Peloton. We were looking for a new show to watch, and started Fresh Off the Boat on Saturday afternoon. I’ve watched it all the way through and love it, but this was Steven’s first time, and I think he’s enjoying it!

We got ready later that afternoon, hit up Whataburger for dinner, and headed to the last night of the local PRCA rodeo. They’ve been doing this for years- definitely as long as we’ve lived here- but this was the first time we’ve been able to check it out.

We had so much fun! They had all the staples- bull riding, bronc riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, calf roping, and (my favorite) mutton bustin’. Livy is cutting at least one, possibly more than one, tooth, so she was a little low key and snuggly, but sat and watched all of it with interest.

We had church on Sunday morning and grabbed a quick lunch before heading home for a Sunday afternoon nap (is there anything better than a Sunday afternoon nap??). I did a little ironing and Steven studied for a while before my mom got back in. She’s covering again tomorrow for GrandBetty, and she came down a little early so we could go on a date night!

We looked around a little at some new to us restaurants, but ended up deciding to hit our favorite- Pappadeaux. I did try a new dish, though– grouper with a spinach crab dip topping with asparagus. It was really good! (And my first time to try grouper!) It wasn’t as rich as the dish I normally get (salmon Alexander), so that made it easier to enjoy dessert! We picked the chocolate layer cake and it was so. good. It was a great date night with my favorite guy! (and nice to have dinner without worrying about how much is on the floor next to us and if the munchkin is happy, haha!).

The rest of Sunday night was pretty low key- Steven worked out, Mom and I watched a few episodes of the old TV show Gidget (with Sally Field), and I worked on the grocery list for our pick up today. It was a great weekend and a nice way to end our first week of fellowship!

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