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What’s Up Wednesday {5.29.2019}

Happy end of May, friends! Time for What’s Up Wednesday with Shay and Sheaffer again!

What We’re Eating…

We are at the lake for our annual lake week with Steven’s family, so we are eating good! Lots of big breakfasts, snacks galore, and fried catfish, of course. And I’m loving not being in charge of meal planning 😉

What I’m Reminiscing About…

Last year at the lake, Livy was soooo tiny! She was about 4 months old, and looks so scrawny, haha! (she’s gotten a lot more meat on her bones since then!) That tiny ballerina swimmy with her big Elton John sunglasses are some of my favorite pictures ever!

What I’m Loving…

My people got me this Michael Kors wallet wristlet for Mother’s Day and I absolutely love it! I love that it has plenty of pockets for all my cards, space for cash, space for my checkbook, and a special pocket for my phone. I’m starting to have more and more situations that I don’t need my full purse when I take the diaper backpack, but I do have enough stuff (wallet, phone, etc.) that it’s too much to carry my stuff separately, so this keeps it all together. It’s not the same color as my MK bag that I carry (it’s the gray leather, and I picked the ballet pink in the wristlet), but they are the same type of leather and I think complement each other (plus, I just love that ballet pink!).

I also finally got one of the O key rings that everyone has been raving about, and I’ll admit, it’s very convenient! I got the turquoise one from the girls at Oliver and Otis and really love it! They have so many great colors to choose from, and they are very reasonably priced!

What I’ve Been Up To…

We are currently at the lake on our annual family fishing trip, but we headed to one of our local lakes to play for the afternoon on Saturday as we procrastinated packing and such.

On Saturday morning, Steven mowed our backyard and this is possibly everyone’s favorite activity to watch. The labs followed him every step of the way and Olivia watched intently with her llama, Dolly, while she had her breakfast.

We finished up Steven’s work weeks in the ICU, and we’re glad to be done! Those were some long days and weeks, and I know it’s not the end of that, but at least coming up it will be long days and weeks of something he loves!

While he worked his last weekend in the ICU, Olivia and I went to Lubbock for my brother’s graduation from Tech.

We stayed with my BFF, Hannah, and had the best time! We went Thursday night to the baseball game (we had to leave early because they went into so many extra innings that we were in danger of missing our favorite restaurant closing and we couldn’t miss the fried cheese!). After the game and dinner, we went back to her apartment and Miss Livy found her way into the candy jar and she wasn’t mad about it, haha!

We took a few pictures on campus on graduation day, too! It was so fun to be back in Lubbock and exciting to see my brother graduate!

Thanks to Aunt Hannie for letting us hang out– it was so much fun!

The week before that was Mother’s Day. We were just on the verge of getting sick (I think allergies from all our rapid weather changes/ abundant rain mixed with a possible respiratory virus or sinus infection situation), but we celebrated my grandmother’s 75th birthday on Saturday.

And then Steven, Olivia and I celebrated Mother’s Day for me with fajitas after church, and then Happy Meals and dog training at the park that night. 🙂 It was the perfect celebration– simple and with my people, just what I wanted!

What I’m Dreading

Nothing really! Other than the heat creeping in 😉

What I’ve Been Working On…

Not really anything in particular. Just keeping our day to day rolling!

What I’m Excited About…

June will be a busy month for us, and I’m excited to play all summer with Olivia now that she’s getting older. We got her two new swimmys from Target and they are so cute!

What I’m Watching/ Reading…

I finished The Mother In Law by Sally Hepworth and it was SO GOOD! It was suspenseful, but very simple and without any language or sex scenes, which was really nice.

I’ve got this pile of books here with me at the lake for the week, and it definitely seems ambitious, but I’m excited to dive in!

We haven’t really been watching much. We started True Detective season 2 a week or two ago and just couldn’t make it through. Season 1 with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was so suspenseful and creepy (hard to say good? I mean it was good as in good acting, story telling, and cinematography, but content is rough, creepy, and definitely rated R.), but we haven’t heard anything good about season 2, which is surprising because something with Vince Vaughan, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Kitsch should be good, right? Well… it was so hard to follow that we gave up about 3 episodes in and moved on to season 3. We’ve only watched the first episode, but it has the same suspense and creepiness of the first season, so chances are it’s going to be good.

What I’m Listening To…

Current Fave Podcast Episodes:

–That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

  • Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s episode was good. It was interesting and refreshing to hear a couple our age talk so seriously and passionately about healthy marriages and relationships.
  • Pam Tebow was very inspiring as well! She discussed her new book about ripple effects, and how you make a ripple with your actions and words whether you run a huge company, or run meal time with your people, and that ripple matters.

-I Hate Green Beans with Lincee Ray

Her new Love Story series about romantic comedies has been so good! I think my favorite so far has been the episode with Knox McCoy discussing The Wedding Singer.

I also love recaps of the Bachelorette from the Popcast, Lincee Ray, and Devin and Kyle with My Husband Hates the Bachelor.

What I’m Wearing…

For every season, it seems like Target has a top that becomes my go-to. I had a long sleeve Henley type top that wore all through the winter (I have it in cream, green, and black). I wore it so much that Steven dubbed it my “going to town shirt”.

Last week, I found a knit tank and it will be the “going to town shirt” of the summer. They are light weight, comfortable, and flattering, and can be dressed up or down. I just bought 2 the first time, but Steven told me to buy the other colors because he knows I’ll wear them all summer, so I picked more up on Saturday.

Here are a few pics of my dark red one. It’s a little hard to see, but they are just random pics, haha!

What I’m Doing This Weekend…

Lake-ing it up!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

Residency graduation! And we’ve got a wedding and two baby showers so June will be busy!

What Else is New…

We’re busy hanging at the lake, so I think that’s all for now!

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