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Today’s post is the Let’s Look link-up with Shay and Erica talking all about your people!

I thought this would be a great one to jump in on because in the almost 3 years I’ve been blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever done an intro to us post, and in those almost 3 years, our family has changed a lot!

My number one person is this guy right here. We have been together nearly 7 years with 3 married years under our belt. We met and started dating my first semester of graduate school and his first semester of medical school (fall 2012). We connected pretty quickly, and I knew pretty early on that he was special and different, and he was someone I wanted to stick with for the long haul! He always keeps me laughing, keeps me on my toes, makes me think, and makes me better.

He is an avid bird hunter, dedicated retriever trainer, and fantastic girl dad. His day job is internal medicine resident physician, and starting July 1, he will begin gastroenterology fellowship. He loves hanging with our boys (our 3 black lab retrievers and bullmastiff), good food, crane and duck hunting, and making our little munchkin laugh.

My greatest joy in life is being this little firecracker’s mom! Our sweet and sassy Olivia Anne was born in February 2018 and this past year has been the best and fastest year of my life. She is her daddy made over- she has his bright blue eyes, and also keeps me on my toes, has me constantly laughing, and makes me better.

She is fearless, which simultaneously makes me proud and petrified, so she is nearly constantly happily getting in to some kind of trouble. She loves her big brothers, and plays with them as much as possible, and they are so good to be really easy and gentle with her and protect her. She can throw down food like a teenage boy and is happy and laughing most all the time. She is our greatest blessing!

They aren’t “people” per se, but these boys make up the rest of our little family!

We have three black lab retrievers- Ruger (3 years old), Gump (2.5 years old), and Pecos (1 year old). They are all trained bird retrievers, and love swimming and hunting more than anything (except maybe Steven, haha!). And our bullmastiff, Boudreaux (2 years old), is one of the funniest creatures I’ve ever encountered. He is large and intimidating looking, but is honestly fairly skittish, and is a giant teddy bear. He enjoys good food and lounging about as much as possible.

And that’s our little family! We have also been blessed with great parents and grandparents. Steven’s have been married for 35 years, and mine for 33.

I have one set of grandparents still living (my mom’s parents) that we are close to, and Steven has one grandmother still living- Granny, who just celebrated her 89th birthday.

I have one brother, Morgen, who is 6 years younger than me. Steven also has one brother who is 2.5 years older, Avery.

(And I realize these are all wedding pictures from a few years ago, but that’s the last time we all got pics together, and we all looked good, haha!)

Avery married Shelby in 2016, and she is the sweetest! They actually got married about five months after us, and caught the bouquet and garter at our wedding reception (on purpose because we wanted them to be next, haha!). Avery is about halfway done with gastroenterology fellowship and the boys will practice together once they are both finished with training.

We are so excited to all live in the same place soon, and the opportunity to raise our families together!

And I would be remiss not to mention a few people that make our every day world go round– we have the absolute sweetest lady from church that fell in our laps a few weeks after Olivia was born and volunteered to be our nanny. Since then, she and her husband have been like a third set of grandparents for Olivia, and they are always quick to pitch in and help us and love our girl like their own. We love Grand Betty and Papa Wayne!

We have so, so many more people in our life that we love, are such a blessing to us, and we couldn’t live without, but these are the main people you are likely to hear about while you are in my little corner of the internet. Thanks for stopping by!

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