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What’s Up Wednesday {2.27.19}

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Today is What’s Up Wednesday with Shay and Sheaffer!

What We’re Eating…

Monday- Chick Fil A

Tuesday- take out to celebrate our engagement anniversary

Wednesday- chicken spaghetti

Thursday- tacos or nachos

Friday- pizza

This is my plan… but it always seems to be an adventure what we actually end up eating!

What I’m Reminiscing About…

4 years ago yesterday, this hottie proposed to me…

And 3 years ago next Tuesday, we got married!

What I’m Loving…

Amazon Photo! I downloaded the app several weeks ago so my pictures would all be there as the screensaver on our Fire TV, and after 3 days of continuous downloading, I finally got all 14,000+ pictures from my iCloud downloaded and backed up. Now it automatically downloads/backs up pictures as I take them, and then sends me little messages every day of pictures that happened however many years ago that day. I love knowing that all the pictures are safe, and I love looking back at them as it reminds me.

What I’ve Been Up To…

Well… this little munchkin turned a year old! (Cue all the smiley emojis and crying face emojis!)

We had 3 celebrations because 1 year old deserves multiple celebrations!

We started two weeks before her birthday at my parents’ house- we had cake and presents, and dinner with my parents and grandparents. We got to drive their new Gator around their land several times and we had so much fun!

The next weekend, we had Steven’s parents and Granny here to celebrate, and we met Olivia’s sweet nanny and her husband (Grand Betty and Papa Wayne) at our favorite pizza place for dinner and cake. The restaurant was pretty crowded and noisy, so Betty and Wayne invited us back to their house nearby to eat our cake and it was so fun! Steven’s mom also took all her 1 year pictures over the weekend and they turned out really good!

And then then on her actual birthday (which was the next weekend), once Steven was finished up at the hospital, we drove about an hour and fifteen minutes away to College Station to our closest Abuelo’s (super good Mexican food!) and ate a late lunch with cake for our girl’s big day. She (just like her mama!) really enjoyed her some chocolate lava cake!

And just like that she’s a year old! She is so fun- her little personality has really started coming out (it has been for a while!), and it is so fun to watch things start to click for her, and see her make decisions and think things out. She pulls up on everything everywhere, and can stand for a several seconds unsupported but hasn’t quite taken that first step yet (which is fine! She’s into to ev-er-y-thing quickly enough by crawling!). She will talk your arm off for as long as you let her and still gives me sweet snuggles most days. She’s tiny (1st percentile for height, 12th for weight), but eats like a teenage boy and still manages to accomplish anything she sets out to do (unless we’re stopping her, haha!). We love you, Livy Anne!

What I’m Dreading…

Not really anything?

What I’ve Been Working On…

Keeping all the plates juggled. Erin Moon (who is one of absolute favorite IG follows) has this great analogy about life being like juggling plates. Some plates are paper, some are plastic, some are the finest of fine china. Everyone drops plates from time to time, but the key is making sure they are paper or plastic plates, not china. I’m not always good at that (because I try too hard not to drop any plates at all!), but I’m working on it!

What I’m Excited About…

So, for our anniversary, Steven and I got each other a… Peloton bike! It’s being delivered Friday and we’re so excited! I’m still using my Pure Barre on Demand subscription, and he’s got an app for weight lifting but we are so excited to have a cardio that we will both actually enjoy!

What I’m Watching/ Reading…

We are re-watching The Office for the umpteenth time and are about to finish Steve Carell’s last season, and I don’t know that I have it in me to watch the last two seasons again. They are just not as good! Steven found out a week or two ago that a new season of Better Call Saul is playing right now, but we haven’t figured out how to watch it since we don’t have cable, so we will hopefully have those to watch soon. I had a patient tell me yesterday that there was a documentary mini-series made about his unit at Fort Hood deploying to Iraq (I only work with veterans, mostly from Fort Hood), so we found it last night on Hulu and watched the first episode. It’s called The Long Road Home, and the first episode was good, so we’ll start working our way through that (there are 7-8 episodes, I think).

I’m still reading The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy a little at a time– it’s really good, but I’m just moving slow through it. One of the best things I’ve read in the last few weeks was this article about physician (particularly resident) “wellness” from the perspective of a physician spouse who is also a graduate medical education administrator. It is such a good (and accurate!!) read, and I highly recommend it to any other physician spouses. It is part 1 of a 3 part series.

What I’m Listening To…

I’m still loving the That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie F. Downs, and I recently listened to an older episode with Matt Wertz. I have a few of his albums and really like them, but didn’t know he had a new album out (it’s like a year or two old now, but still new to me!) called Gun Shy and I like it!

What I’m Wearing…

Ha, not anything really all that share worthy! Just my normal clothes, and I haven’t really picked anything new up recently.

What I’m Doing This Weekend…

We are celebrating Steven’s Granny’s 89th birthday!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

March is usually a fun month for us! Our wedding anniversary is in March, plus we’re taking a quick trip back to Pawhuska to look at the Drummond Ranch lodge again (where Ree Drummond films her show for Food Network). We’re thinking we want a similar style/ set up in our house we plan to build in a few years and want to get a good game plan. And stuff our face with amazing Pioneer Woman food. 🙂

What Else is New…

My sweet little Valentine! I love her and my big Valentine (Steven) with my whole heart!

This little wild animal has discovered her monitor camera on her crib. It’s stuck to the side of the crib with command strips (and the cord is clipped behind so no danger of her pulling it in, trust me!), and when she’s really ready to get up, she climbs up in the camera to tell me. And, last night, she managed to pull it all the way off. It was like watching the gorilla exhibit at the zoo! She had pulled it off during her nap, and I found it in her crib (just the camera unplugged). I stuck it back up, and last night when she was supposed to be going to sleep, she climbed up and started trying to pull it off again. I watched on the monitor for a few minutes and then went in and took it off so she couldn’t get it back off. She’s a wild one for sure!

Bonus Question: Favorite Board Game…

Oh, I love board games! We don’t get to play them very often, but I do love them. This year at Christmas, Steven’s mom set up Bingo for everyone to play (just the adults this year) as a new tradition. We all played for a ceramic white elephant and Steven, as the winner, got to sign it. Once we all live in our forever homes, she says it will be a traveling trophy, but it’s hanging at their house year round until then. We also played Scattergories and it was so fun! I think what makes board games fun is more who you are playing with and all playing together, not necessarily the game. I can’t wait to play board games with our kids later on!

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