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TBB Asks: Giving Thanks Edition

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I’m trying to get back into blogging more regularly so I decided to jump in on The Blended Blog’s monthly link-up, TBB Asks! I’ve been wanting to jump in on this one for a while and always miss it, so I’m glad I caught it this month! Here are my answers…

1.Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?

Yes! When I was in graduate school, I kept a “Peak, Pit, Praise” journal- every day I would write the best part of the day, the lowest part of the day, and something I was thankful for. I also put in big things that happened, and small tokens from the day if I had them. This was during the first few years Steven and I were dating, so it’s fun to look back at our relationship developing, and I have lots of little notes and drawings and fun things from that time. 🙂


2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? 

We’ve never really hosted Thanksgiving at our house!  Last year, Steven was on call, but not actually working so we had to stay in town in case he got called in. I made lunch for us (beef tenderloin, rolls, Pioneer Woman fancy mac and cheese and asparagus), and it was good, but just us two! He has also worked Christmas the last two years, so we hosted a little lunch at our house for other residents still in town working last year, too.


3. Favorite food from the Thanksgiving meal? 

Rolls, hands down. I also love dessert!


4. What one thing from nature are you most grateful for? 

Hmmm… Not sure? I’m grateful that there is nature and that we can go hang out in it! If we didn’t have nature and the ability to get out into it, my husband would have “the wiggles” all the time!


5. Pumpkin Pie, yes or no? 

Nope. I might try some if it’s the only pie around, but I don’t super love pumpkin.


6. Traditional cookbook, yes or no? 

Yes, I use real cookbooks! I love my Pioneer Woman cookbooks the most! But, I’ll pull recipes from Pinterest or the internet sometimes, too. I also save magazines for recipes!


7. Oven baked or deep fried turkey? 

DEEP FRIED! I even buy the deep fried turkey breast from the deli all year round because I love that flavor! But oven baked or roasted is good, too!


8. Thanksgiving leftovers, yes or no? 

Yes, once, maybe twice, but that’s about it. And only certain things. But we aren’t big fans of leftovers in general.


9.  What is one household product you are most grateful for? 

Ha, I’m not sure! I’m not sure what exactly qualifies as a household product… Like cleaning products or appliances? I love my KitchenAid mixer, but probably most grateful for the coffee maker, if we’re honest 😉


10. Are you most grateful for home cooked meals or restaurant meals? 

Oh, this is such a tough one! There is nothing better than a home cooked meal– especially if I’m not the one cooking it, haha! But I am so grateful to have restaurant meals to cover my tush on days I just can’t get it together to cook (which has been A LOT of days lately, friends!).

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  1. Oh I just love your Peak, Pit, Praise type journal and that you have it to look back on from those early dating days! Totally with you on the home cooked & restaurant meals though 😉 Have a great week Morie!

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