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What’s Up Wednesday {6.27.18}

Happy Wednesday, y’all! It’s time for a little life update with What’s Up, Wednesday with Shay!



Last week, we made the tour of eating out because Steven was working his last week of night shifts. He worked from 5 PM to 7 AM Monday through Sunday (98 hours total for the week), so he would usually have a snack when he got up in the afternoon, and then we took him and his intern dinner around 7-8 PM. We did just about every restaurant we have around here, so it’s time to eat at home this week.

Now, saying that, we did grab fried chicken on Monday night. It’s kind of our go-to when we head out to the lake, which we did on Monday night to celebrate NO MORE NIGHTS at the VA! #nomonightsy’all

Last night, I threw together shrimp scampi, green beans, rice, and rolls after we got home from taking Pecos to a late vet appointment. I also put together a peach dump cake and it was SO GOOD! If you’ve ever been to a church potluck in the South, then you’ve probably had dump cake. My usual recipe uses cherry pie filling and crushed pineapple (you dump the filling in a baking dish, cover it with yellow cake mix (dry) and then cover that with slices of butter (about one stick total) and bake it– the juice from the filling mixes with the dry mix and butter to become just amazing!). But, I tried it with peach pie filling instead last night and it was so good!

For the rest of the week, I’m planning on BBQ chicken sliders, grilled sausage with red beans and rice, and then I’m working on the rest of the week. You’d think that after such a long cooking hiatus, I would have all the cooking ideas, but apparently I don’t. 😐



I can’t think of anything really in particular?

But here are some cute Olivia on Sunday morning before church pictures! 🙂



Our new Moby/ Petunia Picklebottom baby carrier!

We have a Baby K’tan that we love, but it feels like it’s getting a little snug, plus it’s a little more of a hassle to get set up when we go out than I’d like. So, now that Peanut is a little bit bigger, I wanted a more structured carrier that was easier to maneuver. This is a Mei Tai carrier, so it’s just a panel in the front with ties around the bottom, and then straps that cross in the back, tie in the front, and then tie in the back. You can use it like Olivia is pictured, to the side, and on your back. I think it over and above accomplishes everything I wanted– it holds her well, it’s easy to put on, and it doesn’t hurt my back. Plus, it is priced much lower than a lot of baby carriers!



We went to the lake with Steven’s family the second weekend in June. Olivia got her own swimming pool that we put her Bumbo in and she loved it! Her little ballerina swimmy and sun hat are from Old Navy and her sunglasses are from Cracker Barrel.

Gumpers had an accident while we were there (we think he got tangled in a deteriorated lawn chair in the water), so Steven and I ended up running as quickly as we could to a vet in Fairfield Saturday morning. He had a cut on the inside of his leg and a ton of swelling that was keeping him from putting any weight on it. It wasn’t a huge cut, but it was starting to get infected by late Saturday morning, so we took him in. The sweetest (and most hardcore old school) vet looked at him, stapled him up with just Steven and an assistant holding him- no anesthetic, no numbing, etc. He got an antibiotic shot, and some pain meds and we went back to the lake. He got to chill inside the lake house the rest of the time, and at some point, he pulled out his own staples 😐


I think this was when one of the dogs pulled something gross out of the lake? Not sure, but I think this is just really funny! 

We took family pictures for Steven’s parents’ Christmas card, so this is all 8 of us! We didn’t worry about the dogs this year (we had 7 there…), and just got who we got in there and went on. Boudreaux started out interested in picture taking, as evidenced by him helping me help my MIL set up the camera before we got started…

And then after a few pictures, he literally put himself in this bush to hide from everyone. I just about peed my pants laughing at him, as it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.


He came out later and just sat in the water like it was his very own hot tub. Our lives would all be a whole lot duller without our Boudreaux!




So, Olivia LOVES to be swaddled. We went through a phase when she was 6 weeks- two months old when she didn’t, but I started swaddling her again using a similar style to the “miracle blanket” when she was able to break her arms out of just the one blanket (I use a small stretchy blanket to hold her arms, and then a muslin swaddle blanket over this. Our faves are our Aden & Anais that our sweet friend Corie gave us!). Baby girl cannot sleep without her arms contained somehow because she flails them around and hits herself and wakes herself up. So, we’ve still been swaddling and we all sleep great! But, I  mentioned the swaddle at her 4 month appointment last week, and the pediatrician said it needs to start phasing out because she doesn’t want her with a bunch of loose blankets around her if she were to break out of it. We can’t go just cold turkey, so I switched to the Halo sleep sacks, and we’ve been experimenting with one arm/ both arms out in the sleep sack (which, the nice thing about those is that I can still Velcro it tight around her middle to give her security, unlike just a regular sleep sack). But, I’m dreading when we have to be out of swaddles completely because she sleeps so well this way! She sleeps in her DockATot, so I’m not worried about her rolling herself over swaddled, so maybe we have a little more time! We’ve also used the SwaddleUp (the version that lets you put their arms up/ move their arms), which is basically just a zip up sleep sack. She did well with it, too! (Pictured below 😉 ) At this point, we’re mainly looking for anything that contains our arms. Someone likes to run the Happy Hands Club while she is sleeping 😉




I finally (FINALLY) printed pictures this past weekend from last Christmas through to present day (which I may have doubled the amount of pictures in my iCloud since February since Olivia was born). I grabbed some frames from Michael’s for 50-60% off and hung up these from our newborn session with Olive Tree Photography in our room.


Which, I love them in our room. But I think they look so good, I kinda want them out in the living room where everyone will see them, too! I also printed our family pic from the lake to put on our mantle.

And I updated my picture boards in my office, too! Now patients can’t say “Oh, you must not have kids”, to which I used to have to reply “No, I do, I just don’t have pictures of her up yet”.



Little Peanut has really come to life this month! She is super smiley and likes to laugh and babble often (she really acts like she’s carrying on her half (or more) of a conversation!). Each day just gets more fun with her!



I finished All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin in 2.5 days and it was so good! She’s probably my favorite author, but her last two books haven’t been my favorites. But! This one is right up there with some of her first books. I’m still working on Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and Eat Cake, Be Brave by Melissa Radke.

We’re not really watching anything in particular. We watched Part 5 of The Ranch on Netflix when it came out last week, but other than that it’s mostly just reruns of The Office. And I watched the Netflix original movie Set It Up last week while Steven worked nights and it was really cute!



Have y’all seen the video for John Mayer’s new single “New Light”? I love the single, and the video is really funny, too!



Before we went to the lake, I ordered some new t-shirts from Oliver & Otis and I love them! I sized up to a medium so they were a little looser and longer, and then I usually do a front tuck so they look a little more put together.

This is the Texas cactus tee, and I wore it for our family pictures on Sunday.

This checkerboard lab sweatshirt is thinner than a usual sweatshirt, but it is super comfy and I love it!


I ordered the “Sweet as Honey” tee with the matching onesie for Olivia. We were wearing them the Friday we were supposed to leave for the lake and then fifteen minutes before we left (like as we were packing), Olivia blew out her diaper completely up her front, so we haven’t worn it since… (the stain did come out, but we just haven’t worn it again).

When you order three shirts, they also throw in a free logo tee, and these are actually some of my favorite tees! This one is a dusty purple with a splatter paint logo on the front. The logo tees have actually ended up being some of my faves over the years!


Also, I got these bootie/ slides from Target (Universal Thread) a few weeks ago and I LOVE them. They look very similar (if not identical) to a pair from Free People that are 6 times the price. #nothankyou


I think they are super comfy and go with just about everything! (I mainly wear them with skinnies or with dresses).  I got a 6.5 (and I usually wear a 6/6.5) and they fit great!



June 30 is the last day of Steven’s second year of internal medicine residency, and July 1 is the first day of third year! He is working on main hospital wards from this Saturday through next Sunday (July 8), so I don’t think we really have any weekend plans. Depending on what pagers/ phones they are carrying for the weekend, we may end up taking him and the new interns lunch, but we’ll see!



Well… my birthday is next month. Starting on the 23rd, it’s my last year of my twenties (eeeek!!). I don’t mind getting older– things seem to just be getting better ever year. But these gray hairs in my hair part that I keep finding have GOT TO GO. 🙂



We spent Steven’s first Father’s Day building a storage shed in our backyard for our lawn mower, etc., and we moved our boat to a separate storage facility so we’re making all the room in the garage for our “home gym”. You can read all about that weekend here.



Coming off of nights on Monday, Steven watched Olivia on Monday and Tuesday. They hung out at home on Monday so Steven could get some rest, but on Tuesday morning, they were packed up bright and early to head to the park while I was at work!



I finished my first iron-on Silhouette project and I love how it turned out! It was so much fun, and I can easily see this becoming a new addiction!



One day a few weeks ago, Boudreaux “helped” with the laundry, and this concerned Olivia a little…


And lastly, we made a little pilgrimage to IKEA for a high chair earlier this month! We also ended up with an orangutan and a pig! 😉


She really loves sitting in it, even though she doesn’t use it for eating just yet. It fits her well with the little extra inflatable pillow. It all breaks down for easy portability and I think for $22 you really can’t beat it! (So far we’ve mainly used it to watch Dad play FIFA on the Playstation!)




And I think that’s everything! Happy (early) Fourth of July, y’all!

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  1. We used the bumbo seat in a shell pool in the backyard in summer too! our little guy loved it, although he had to share with our labrador. Also can’t recommend those sleep sacks enough (in all their forms), our guy hated being swaddled so the sacks were the perfect option

  2. Your little one is so precious! Also, I’m glad to hear Emily Grifin’s new book is good! I was hoping it would be! I loved Girl Wash Your Face

    1. Yes, it really was!! I wan’t the biggest fan of her last two (they were okay, but not my fave), but this is back up there with her first several! Thank you for stopping by!

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