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What’s Up Wednesday {5.30.18}

Happy Wednesday, y’all! It’s time for a little life update with What’s Up, Wednesday with Shay!



On Monday, we had chili with hot dogs because #merica. On Tuesday, we had blackened catfish and jalapenos with seafood stuffing. Tonight (Wednesday) is Chick Fil A Wednesday! Thursday is going to be sausage with red beans and rice, and Friday is going to be either salmon or tilapia.

Steven had Wednesday and Thursday off last week so we ate out a lot since we were running around, so I’m trying to get back in the kitchen this week. We went to Dallas and hit one of our favorites, Mi Cocina, on Wednesday night (SO GOOD!), and then Cracker Barrel on the way home in Waco on Thursday for lunch (#turkeyanddressingday). On Saturday night, we trekked into Austin and had a nice dinner at Pappadeaux. We’ve been waiting for months for our Zaxby’s to open here in Temple, and it finally did this past Monday so we had lunch there!



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this time last year, and how different things were. I was pretty discouraged about not being pregnant, and was transitioning into the job I have currently. Life changes in a heartbeat, y’all! On June 9 of last year, I was in San Antonio for training for this new job, and found out I was pregnant with Olivia! The Lord is so, so faithful to His promises, and His timing is just perfect. I could not be more thankful for this little (big) blessing!



Several months ago, I picked up this eyeshadow primer. It is great– it is super cheap and keeps my eyeshadow in place for way longer than one day (I might have used a day’s make-up for two days in a row… #momlife). The downside is that I now have to use make-up remover to get it off– my old face wash and wash cloth don’t cut it anymore. So, since starting to use this, I’ve tested out several different kinds. The Almay eye make-up remover pads worked the best at actually removing the make-up, but they are so greasy, my eyeballs and surrounding areas looked like they hit an oil slick. I’ve tried the Burt’s Bees eye make-up remover pads, and they are not greasy, and smell great, but they don’t do a great job at actually removing the make-up. I’ve used just the standard Neutrogena face wipes, and they work fine, but I just wasn’t the most happy with them that I felt like I could be. So, one day I was watching Instagram stories, and another blogger casually mentioned that she uses Micellar water as her make-up remover. I started researching it, and found that not only does it remove your make-up, it’s also a toner, and doesn’t have a bunch of harsh chemicals for your complexion. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and really love it– it gets all the eye make-up off without any issues, and I feel like I can tell a difference in my skin (more even tone, not as oily). You just pour a little on a cotton wipe and wipe it all over your face until you feel like it’s clean (you do hold for a few seconds over your eyes and then wipe instead of scrubbing). I’m terrible (like really, really terrible) at consistently washing my face, but this is so easy, and I really love it! I’ve been using the Garnier for all skin types (pink cap).

It’s also the time of year for the good flowers in the grocery store! I mean, they have flowers at HEB year round, but now is the time they have the really pretty ones! Two weeks ago, I got a bouquet of peachy/ orange colored gladiolus, and then this week, I grabbed some stargazer lilies and white hydrangeas. I’m waiting on the lilies to bloom out, and I hope they do before the hydrangeas bite the dust. I don’t have a great track record with hydrangeas, even though they are supposed to have a 5 day guarantee. 😐




Just our usual! Since last WUW, I went back to work and it’s been good! We really love the sweet lady that watches Olivia (she kinda fell in our laps and she has been the biggest blessing we could have asked for!), so we decided that I’ll start doing 3 days in the office and 2 days at home starting here in a few weeks.

We’ve been exploring around the area and finding new lakes for retriever training and hunting season next fall. Steven has a pass to hunt here on base at Ft. Hood, and we have found so many that we didn’t even know existed! He’s working on advanced handling with Ruger and Gump, and then building up the basics with Pecos. P won’t go hunting next season (except maybe toward the end if he’s ready), so Steven’s taking his time with his training.



Two words: THE HEAT.

Oh, y’all. It’s just barely started, but I’m certain Summer 2018 has set out with a passion to give us all heat stroke or kill us dead. #comebackwinter



Just keeping our day to day going!



We’ve got about 4 weeks until Steven is officially a 3rd year resident! Y’all, it feels like just yesterday that we moved here to start residency and now it’s almost two-thirds over. Here in a few months, he will start application season for fellowship, and then by the first week in December, we’ll know if we’re staying or going for the next 3 years! Lots of exciting stuff coming up!



Right now, I’m reading Melanie Shankle’s devotional book Everyday Holy every night during my quiet time. It is so good!! Everything of Melanie’s is wonderful, but I especially love these little snippets of stories and Scripture every night. I’m also reading an advance copy of Eat Cake, Be Brave by Melissa Radke while I’m feeding Olivia, or when I have few spare minutes here and there and it is really good so far! Next on my list is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin (hands down my favorite author of all time!!).

And, it’s a good thing I have so many good books to read because we’ve officially hit the vacuum that is summer TV. All the good stuff is on summer hiatus. I’ll probably skim The Bachelorette here and there because I love listening to the recaps by The Popcast with Knox and Jamie, and with Sheaffer at Sheaffer Told Me To, even though I don’t really have a huge interest in the actual show. Other than that, it will be re-watching something on Netflix until the fall rolls around again!



I don’t know of any music in particular, really. I just keep the radio in my car on KLOVE, and if I play something inside, it’s usually a podcast. We’ve been looking for some good workout playlists on Spotify, but can’t find anything we really love, so hit me up if you know of any!



Y’all, I’m all in on this jumpsuit trend. I was a little hesitant about rompers a few years ago, but let me tell you, even though jumpsuits are basically the same thing with longer pants, I’m here for it. I bought 3 at Old Navy last week and basically wish I could wear them every day…

They fit really well– they hide that little extra mom fluff around the middle while still being flattering, and are cool and breezy for these outrageous temperatures. Dress them up, dress them down, they are here for all of it (I did wedges with the chambray one for work, and sandals with the black one for dinner one Saturday night). I also have a sleeveless green one, but didn’t get a picture after church. Shout out to Erin at Cotton Stem for the recommendation! She is a master at capsule wardrobes, and she has me so intrigued about this! {These at Old Navy seem pretty true to size, maybe a little generous. I’m 5’4″ and usually a 2/4 and the XS Regular fits perfectly.}

Erin also recommended this chambray stripe dress from the Universal Thread line at Target and I picked it up for Mother’s Day/ our baby blessing at church on Mother’s Day. It’s nursing friendly, has pockets and is really flattering as well. It’s a little longer than I usually go for, but I think it looks good with wedges/ heels, and I’m also wearing an XS in it.


And lastly, I realized one day that a pair of lounge pants that I’ve had for years exactly matches a little pair of pants that I picked up for Olivia back before she was born. And basically, one of my new favorite hobbies is dressing us to match. So, one day while I was working at home, I made everyone in the home office match 😉 . Her little Snuggle This Muggle onesie is from her awesome Aunt Shelby!




Steven is working this weekend, so I’m not really sure what we’re doing this weekend, honestly. I’m sure it will involve going to the lakes on Ft. Hood at some point, though!



Next weekend, we are heading over to Lake Richland Chambers to meet Steven’s family for the annual fishing trip. They (his parents, granny, and brother) will be there all week, but we are only able to come Thursday-Sunday because of our work schedule, but it will still be fun! This is when we take the annual Christmas card picture for Steven’s parents, and it will be Olivia’s first time at the lake! I was six weeks pregnant last year, and morning sickness was making its first appearance, so I’m excited to not have that this year! Olivia has the cutest little swimsuit and sun hat so she’s all ready to go!

Lake Richland Chambers 2017! 



I think that’s about it! Happy start of summer, y’all! 🙂


One thought on “What’s Up Wednesday {5.30.18}

  1. I’m reading ‘Everyday Holy’ right now, too! I’m so in love with it! It seriously feels like most mornings it was written just for this point in my life. Don’t you love when that happens?

    Thanks for the other book recommendations! I’ll have to nab a couple of those because, yeah, summer TV. Yikes. 🙂

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