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2 Years

So, I haven’t blogged in a while… but it’s because this happened…



Miss Olivia joined us on February 16 at 7:14 AM, and our lives and hearts have been so full ever since. So, things have been different, and as much as I’ve wanted to jump on here and share all the fun things leading up to her birth, and her actual birth, and where we are now, I just haven’t had the time or energy. I still fully intend to, hopefully sometime soon, but little girl needs to let me get some decent sleep for a little while first. 😉

But, there is one thing that was important enough for me to make time to say a few words today. Today is our two year wedding anniversary! It seems like both just yesterday and a lifetime ago we were doing this…



And here we are today doing this…



Last year for our first anniversary, I collected advice from women about the first year of marriage, and I concluded that the one thing I would tell my newlywed self about being married that first year is to always make the conscious effort to choose your spouse. Over housework, over others, over your own wants, choose your spouse.

Now, my advice to myself looking back over this past year would be to cherish the little moments and ordinary acts of love. Grand gestures, big trips, elaborate gifts, and fancy dinners are all great, and I wouldn’t turn any of them down, but you know how I’ve really come to know that my husband loves me? He never forgets my Chick-Fil-A sauce at Chick-Fil-A. Or my sweet and sour sauce at McDonald’s. Or my barbecue sauce at Popeye’s. (Different chicken requires different sauces, y’all). Which sounds ridiculous, but to me, that means that he listens to me, remembers things that are important to me, and makes a conscious effort to make sure I am happy no matter how small it may seem. That’s love in action in the smallest and most ordinary of ways, but small and ordinary can often be the most powerful.

Right now, I’m sitting in our recliner with both my laptop and my daughter in my lap. She is two and a half weeks old right now, and sitting with me because apparently being in her rocker bassinet is akin to complete abandonment and she’s not about being alone, not even a little bit. Which is fine. She’s got little moments I need to soak up, too, because they’ll go by way too fast.

Since before she was even born, I’ve prayed a myriad of things for her. I’ve prayed for the person she’ll grow up to be, and the world she’ll have to live in, and the life she will have, and the person she will eventually marry. I’ve prayed that she will be strong, kind, courageous, and selfless, and that she will find a man to spend her life with that also possesses those qualities. A man that is Godly, loving, generous, and protective. A man that knows what kind of sauce she needs and brings it home without having to ask or be reminded. A man just like her daddy.

And he would appreciate it if whomever that young man is enjoys hunting, fishing, and training dogs. 😉

To my sweet husband, thank you for loving us like you do and everything you do to show it. Here’s to two years and a lifetime more. I love doing life with you– the big events and especially the little moments in between. Happy Anniversary!


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