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Show & Tell Tuesday {12.5.17}

Happy Tuesday, and Happy December, y’all! Today, I’m linking up with Andrea for another edition of Show & Tell Tuesday– Christmas Decor Edition!


A word of preface/ warning… If you don’t care for, or are offended by red and black buffalo check, turn back now… Because a small love has turned into a large obsession up in this house when it comes to buffalo check! I already had a red and black theme going before, and now it’s grown to be quite the buffalo check extravaganza!

It all starts at the front door…


I made that grapevine wreath with cotton stems back around Labor Day, and through the fall, it had a burlap bow and a garland of different colored burlap pumpkins hung over it. For the Christmas/ winter season, I traded in a buffalo check bow and a little metal sign from Hobby Lobby that says “Glory to the Newborn King”. I loved the sign because it matched perfectly color wise, but, more importantly, it gives a little extra focus to the real reason for this season! I have a cute winter rug, but I haven’t dug it out of the garage yet. 😉

In the living room, the main display is all around the fireplace…


I bought the white Christmas tree ages upon ages ago, and it’s still hanging with me. Back in college, I had bright neon ornaments of all colors, but in the last few years, I transitioned all the ornaments over to red, black, silver, and burlap.

The tree has clear lights, buffalo check ribbon as horizontal garland, black bead strings as vertical garland, burlap flower stems, cranberry picks, and traditional round ornaments in black glitter and matte silver. I have a few special ornaments on there that are unique, and then the topper is a red, black and white stuffed angel. This year, I put a few cotton picks behind her just because I have decorative cotton all over here, and it seemed fitting. 😉

On the fireplace, I have a tapestry that Steven’s aunt made for us in between our stockings. On one side, I have mine and Steven’s, and there is one for Olivia on the other side. Last Christmas, we bought new stockings, and in the middle of Bass Pro Shop, we decided that we were confident in the Lord’s plan, and really felt like He would give us a baby by next Christmas. And He did! She’s not quite here yet, but she’s already got quite a presence, and we’re excited to have a 10 month old with us next Christmas!

The only thing that drives me crazy is the letters on our stockings… I bought the little twine wrapped letters at Target about 3-4 years ago, so I have an “S” and an “M” for us. They have pins on the back to clip right to the stockings, and I love them. And of course, I can’t find them anywhere this year to get an “O” to match. Here’s the deal, Internet friends… if anyone has seen anything like this anywhere, please let me know! I think I can probably make one that would be fairly similar, but I’d love to be able to just find a matching one! And, funny story… At the time when I bought those, I had a roommate whose name started with an “H”, so if we were expecting a boy, we’d be good (our boy name is Henry)! So, I’ll just save that for later on, and keep searching for an “O”!


Here is our outer kitchen countertop…


Somewhere in the last few years, I started collecting vintage vehicles carrying Christmas trees. I’m not sure why or how, but I’ve got a good collection now, and I think they are all so cute together! The big truck on the right is actually a cookie jar– you take the tree out of the back and it opens up. Our Target had live poinsettias a few weeks ago, so I grabbed one for $5, and have been decently successful at not killing it yet (plants and I don’t really get along…).


And lastly, here is our dining room display…


You guessed it… more buffalo check! The table runner and placemats are from Hobby Lobby. Strangely enough, I couldn’t find a red and black buffalo check tablecloth, so I thought the white and black check placemats would break it up a little. This is my little Christmas lab display- the plate is from Tuesday Morning and the wooden cut out is from Michael’s. Steven’s mom had the lab silver ornaments made for them last Christmas (this was pre-Boudreaux). I got the red plate chargers from Hobby Lobby as well, and those are my Christmas dishes on top. Each salad plate has a different painting on it, but the vintage vehicle with a Christmas tree is my favorite! 😉


And that’s our tour! I had planned to have all of this up and done before Thanksgiving (Steven pulled all the boxes down from the attic for me at the first of November), but I’m moving slower these days, and just got it all finished! Christmas is my favorite time of year for a lot of reasons– the decorations are so pretty, everyone seems to have a little more merriness and kindness in their hearts, and you get a chance to spend time with family and friends in good fellowship (with good food!). But, most importantly, Christmas is my favorite because it is the start of the best redemption story for Christians. If it weren’t for Jesus arriving as a baby at Christmas, we would never get the resurrection at Easter, and never have the opportunity to live again with our risen Savior and Father in heaven. What a wonderful thing to celebrate!!

So, to all of you, may your coming days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white! (or buffalo check… either way is good! 😉 ).


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