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Bump-date {Month 6}

Month 6!! Now we are to the fun time of year (aka ALL the holidays!), and I know it will be ten times more fun next year when she is here!! I scrolled through everyone’s Halloween pictures and made several mental notes for next year!

We have been just rolling along this month without anything really huge since the last Bump-date. I had an OB appointment on the 20th, and it was pretty uneventful (which is good!). Her heart rate is hanging in the 140s and everything is moving along. In about four weeks (so six weeks from that appointment), I’ll have to do the gestational diabetes test, which I’m a little nervous about, and that’s when we drop from appointments every four weeks to every two weeks. Our OB said our big ultrasound showed that Ollie is breech right now (which the ultrasound tech had told us as well), but that even if she was facing the right way, they wouldn’t consider it for sure at this point, and that she has plenty of time to flip. We’ll do another sonogram at 36 weeks to check position, and then go from there. Obviously a C-section isn’t choice A, but if that’s what needs to happen, I’m not worried, and I’d be okay, and not devastated or anything. Right or wrong, I don’t really have a “birth plan”, or “dream birth” like I’ve heard some girls say– I just want to have a healthy baby, hopefully with some pain reducing medications, but I’m pretty go-with-the-flow as far as how that happens. And her current position explains why I feel the need to hit the ladies’ room constantly and on a dime– I have little feet tap dancing on my bladder!

I have a pretty good hope that she will turn or flip considering how much she moves now! Holy cow! What started as little flutters are now full blown kicks and jabs and sweeps and who knows what else. Not only can Steven feel them on the outside, we can see them. And it’s weird. Like fascinating, but suuuuuuper weird, and kinda freaky. She really gets crazy a little later at night (typically around 9-10:30 ish), and if I lay flat, you can see the little punches or sweeps across my bump. Also, if Steven talks to her, she moves, which is pretty cool. He started around 18-19 weeks talking to the bump and then feeling for her, and she always replies with a kick (it’s so sweet!), so he tries to talk to her pretty often. She moves at fairly consistent times each day (mostly later at night before we go to bed, first thing in the morning, and then at different times throughout the day, typically after I eat or drink something), but it’s becoming my new favorite hobby to just sit and feel her kicking. It’s so weird but so cool! (If you are brave or interested, I caught her moving on video last night, and included it below. It’s both fascinating and disturbing… 😉 )

Here are the stats for this month…

How far along: 25 weeks/ 6 months

Total weight gain: 5-7 pounds. I’ve been fluctuating in the low 130s the last few weeks.

Maternity clothes: For the most part, still not yet. I have a few maternity t-shirts, but that’s about it. We’ve decided that I actually look smaller when I’m wearing tighter clothes vs. just really large clothes with no shape, so I’m trying to stay with stuff the bump fits in, or something designed for maternity (like maternity t-shirts) vs. just really large things (like the 7– SEVEN size large Target v-necks I bought that make me look like a cow. I thought, well, I normally wear a small, so a large should be good. Nope. They were just tents. So I had to return them all for maternity t-shirts.).

Stretch marks: None yet. Still hitting the cocoa butter!

Sleep: I am making it through the night mostly. And I take any chance I can get to squeeze in naps!

Best moment of this month: Feeling and then seeing that movement!

Miss anything: This will sound a little weird, but being able to lay on my stomach.  Especially to pop my back. I’ve felt really tight the last several weeks and just need to pop my back, but I’m not sure how to do it if I can’t lay down and have Steven do it. And I was also a pretty consistent stomach sleeper before, so I find that I wake up more in the night to change position because it gets uncomfortable on each side for too long.

Movement: Yep! She’s either in ninja training, or she’s a soccer star like her dad. Or a future dancer like her mom (maybe those are little high kicks!).

Food cravings: I finally got my salty Chinese food! We went to a local place (Fortune Garden) in Round Rock when we went to Bass Pro and Ikea a few weeks ago, and it was so good!! (And it was totally a shot in the dark, so I’m glad it worked out!). Other than that, I don’t know that anything in particular sounds amazing, but really just food in general. I get super hungry and can throw down on some food, but it’s nothing in particular. A few times a week, I’ll just completely clean my plate and I’ll get this look from Steven that is equal parts impressed and disturbed, and it’s actually pretty funny. I think he isn’t sure if he should be proud or scared that I’ve just eaten that much.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still just that heartburn! 😉

Have you started to show yet: Yep! Still to varying degrees depending on what I’m wearing. I had a patient ask me several days ago how far along I am, and when I said “almost 6 months”, he snorted and said, “Ok, I’ll take your word for it”. So, for the most part, the bump is a little small but sometimes bigger if my top is tighter or empire waisted.

Gender: sweet little girl!

Belly button in or out: In, but y’all. I feel like I’m a hot five minutes from an outie. And I’m trying not to let that freak me out, but it kind of does. And I don’t know why, it just does. 😐

Wedding rings on or off: On and still loose!

Looking forward to: the upcoming holidays! That doesn’t really have a lot to do directly with pregnancy, but I just love the holiday season and this year makes me so much more excited to have her here next year!

I’ve kinda stalled out as far as getting her room ready/ getting ready for her. We’re now at a crossroads as to how much we really need a crib, at least right away. Since the pack and play and crib have essentially the same function, we’re wondering if they are both necessary? We for sure need the pack and play because she’ll be sleeping in our room for the first several months, so the question is if she can stay in that until she’s old enough for her toddler bed, or if she’ll need something in between. This feels like one of those things like waiting to do her nursery that made so much sense, but it was almost too logical, so I’m not sure! Trying to figure all this out is so hard!

I’ve also been poring over safety reviews for car seats because I’m fairly certain they all look the same and I have absolutely no idea which one to pick. At all. I’ve had several moms recently highly recommend rocker/ bouncers, so I think that is something we’ll get at some point, as well as a baby carrier, but I’m a little stalled out on which brand to get. Which is pretty much the story of everything. It seems like when it comes to every single product, everyone has their ride or die, and they are different depending on who you talk to, so I have no idea what to go with. My indecisive spirit is not made for baby registries 😉 Suggestions and tips are welcome!

But the good news is, girlfriend has clothes. How cute are these little Tech outfits?



Her closet is quickly filling up!



And I took the plunge and made my first diaper order this morning! Target is running a promotion that gives a $20 gift card for every $75 purchase of “baby essentials”, so I ordered 4 boxes of diapers (1 newborn and 3 Size 1) and 2 (huge) boxes of wipes. I didn’t really mean to order that many, but I messed up the first order (it was like $77 with tax, meaning it was under $75 without tax). I was able to cancel part of the first order (not sure why it wouldn’t let me cancel out the rest of it?), and place a new order that actually qualified, so all total it was a little over $100 for the diapers and wipes, and I got the gift card sent to my email. The promotion ends November 4 if you are interested, and I think sizes are running out fast!

Last but not least, I did take a few pics this month to document the bump. Here is the Halloween bump…


And here’s a 25 week bump!


And that wraps up Month 6! 15 weeks to go!

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  1. Love this! So excited for yall! Not to be one of the moms who gives a bunch of advice but….Aaron is 20 months and has never slept in his crib. John was making it and did not finish it until a few months ago and now Aaron is too big for it and can definitely climb out and fall. So we have done the pack n play for over a year now and it’s great. He hated his bassinet so he slept in his swing for about the first 3 months and then we got a rock n roller bed thing that could move up and down all night-he had to be moving! When he started rolling around more and sitting up we moved him to the pack n play. He does great in it and doesn’t try to climb out since it is so high. A lot of them come with an adjustable base/height so newborns can be in it and then move it down when they start sitting up and moving more.

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