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What’s Up Wednesday {10.25.17}

Happy end of October, friends! I hope you are enjoying some cooler weather wherever you are! It’s time for a little life lately update with What’s Up Wednesday with Shay and Sheaffer!




While Steven was on his research rotation, we pretty much made a huge food tour through our area. We hit Texas Burger (Cameron), Green’s Sausage House (Zabcikville), Bubba’s (Waco), Torchy’s (College Station),  and Fortune Garden (Round Rock). We were mostly trying to find new places that we haven’t tried before, or places we’d heard about and have been wanting to try. I don’t think we hit one we didn’t like!

This week, since Steven is back in the hospital, we’re back to somewhat of our normal routine. I made lasagna on Monday (and put back my first freezer meal!) with green beans and garlic bread. On Tuesday, we had sausage, red beans and rice and mac and cheese. I have chicken stir-fry and chili on the menu for the next few days. On Friday, we are having chicken spaghetti because I’m taking one to an Alliance (our resident spouse group here at Scott &White) member that just had a sweet baby girl and I always double up with one for us when I take one to someone.





So, once upon a time, Steven and I went to Ikea to look at cribs. And let me preface this with the fact that this was only our second ever Ikea trip– the first just about put us in the grave. We went on a Sunday afternoon the first time and there were so many people everywhere and it was so crowded with stuff and people and more stuff, and between that and the fact that you can’t just walk anywhere you want (you have to follow the little path through all the things. all. the. things.), we were both on the near verge of a panic attack by the time we finally made it out to the check out area. People raved and raved about what you could get there and we both just felt a firm thanks but no thanks in our hearts for that place.

Well, last week, Steven had an itch to go to Bass Pro Shop and I was waffling. So, I think in a desperate effort to convince me, he pitched the idea to look at Ikea for a crib since they are down the street from each other. We went, and it was so much more pleasant– Wednesday late afternoon is the sweet spot to go there, people. There were hardly any other people there and everyone working there was so nice! As we were winding through, we ended up walking through the sofas and ended up spying this…


We sat on it. We tested it out. We discussed how we liked the color and style, and how comfortable it is. We took all the pillows off and folded out the sleeper portion. And we sat on it some more discussing how we wanted it. Now, we had been in talks about getting a sleeper sofa before Olivia comes since we will be down a bed from her room, but we weren’t really in a hurry because we knew they would be expensive and it wasn’t really a necessity. We had plans to sell our futon first, and then really look around. But this was on sale. So, we were basically getting everything we wanted/ needed for a steal. So, we did it.

And we didn’t like any of the cribs so that’s still on the list.

Just a few specs in case you are interested— it is the Holmsund sleeper sofa. It shows online in a gray, beige, and blue and ours is the Orrsta light blue. It also comes in an option with a chaise on one end, but ours is just the sofa. All the pillows are removable, and when you pull it out to make the bed, there are storage bins underneath. It folds into a queen sized bed. And one of my favorite parts– the cover comes off completely (and easily) and can be washed. All the praise hands for that from a house with three dogs (who are not allowed on this, but still brush past it) and a soon to be newborn! It is super comfy, and I fall asleep on it almost every night before bed. So, I think we are loving it 😉 Our hope/plan is that this gets us through fellowship (the next four-ish years), and then we’ll upgrade whenever we move into our forever house.



Steven has been on a research rotation for the last two weeks, so he was working on research from home instead of having to go in to the hospital, which was so nice! My schedule was lighter the last two weeks (it’s like someone somewhere knew I’d want to take advantage of hanging out with him!), so we went on adventures and had lots of fun (you can read about the first week here).

This past weekend, we went camping to top it all off. We looked at places at nearby lakes, but apparently October is a hot time to hit the lake because everything was booked or crazy expensive! So, my grandparents were gracious enough to let us use the camper on their land where they have a tank and it was so much fun!

We met my grandparents for dinner Friday night as we came into town at a small local place (it’s actually in a gas station, which sounds kinda sketchy, but it is so delicious!). We got set up at the camper later that night, and let the dogs play for a while before hitting the hay.

We woke up a little early on Saturday morning and all the dogs ran around like crazy heathens and swam for a while. The temperature was cooler (mid 60s), so we enjoyed being outside and sitting on the dock while the boys entertained themselves. A little bit later, we changed clothes and went into town for breakfast at a local diner, and then hit Walmart for supplies. The old adage is never wrong– the worse you look, the more people you’ll run into, and that’s exactly what happened while we were there! But it was good to see some dear people from home that I hadn’t seen in a while, even if I was a grease ball 😉

That afternoon, Steven worked with the dogs while I lounged in a chair reading and napping. I got a wicked sunburn, but I had a legit nap! Later on, my grandparents and parents joined us out there for hot dogs and sausage and it was so good! Steven says even the simple things (like a hot dog) taste better when you’re camping, and I think he’s right! It started to sprinkle a little later that night, so everyone else went home and we went inside to relax. The labs slept in their kennels out in the bed of the truck (they are completely covered), but Boudreaux’s kennel was in the camper with us. He sacked out on the floor while we were talking, and couldn’t be woken up to move into his kennel so we ended up leaving him out.

A big storm hit around 2 AM, and while we were laying there, we felt this pushing coming from the end of the bed. We looked down there, and there was Boudreaux. Poor baby woke up with the storm and was scared! He slept at the foot of the bed the rest of the night and seemed to be okay. When we woke up the next morning, it was pretty chilly, so we ran the space heater for a little bit to get the chill out so we could get motivated to shower and get ready for church. We went with my grandparents, and then met my parents for lunch afterward, which was delicious. (I think I’ve hit the point that all food is just good in general). We hung out for a while later that afternoon, and then came home Sunday evening. It was a simple and fun weekend!




Nothing that I can think of! 🙂



What I am working on fairly unsuccessfully is getting Olivia’s room ready. She has her fair share of clothes at this point, but that’s about it. Other than that, it’s time to start getting other stuff together (like furniture and diapers).



It’s the holiday season! Halloween is okay, but we’re rolling into the hot zone– I love me some Thanksgiving and especially some Christmas!!



I’m reading She is Yours by Jonathan and Wynter Pitts, and the Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster for our ladies’ Bible study, but nothing super exciting other than that.

We finished Narcos on Netflix last week and it was such a relief. It is a well done show, but the content is so dark that we are glad to be done with it. We also saw American Made with Tom Cruise while we were watching it, which is an adjacent story, and thought it was really good.

Unfortunately, we are now completely without a show and can’t really find anything we like. Suggestions are welcome!



I’m not going to lie… I’ve been sneaking in some Christmas music. I’ve been listening to the Contemporary Christian Christmas playlist on Pandora, so it’s kinda just like different Christian music 😉



It’s finally getting cool enough for fall clothes! I’ve been throwing in a few scarves, boots and vests here and there, but overall, it’s still a little warm for that. But I think it will stick around soon!



Steven has Saturday off, and then works Sunday, so I’m not really sure what our plans are. I’m sure we’ll find an adventure of some sort!



Cooler weather and holiday decorating!



I think that covers about everything!


BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? 

Oh, that’s so hard. I don’t know that I have a favorite side (they are all pretty equal to me), but I will throw down for some good rolls. It’s all about the turkey and rolls for me!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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