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What’s Up Wednesday {9.27.17}

Hey, y’all! So, I remembered today is What’s Up Wednesday (hosted by Shay), and since I’m flying solo tonight, I thought I’d get this out quick for a little update on us while I listen to it rain outside! 🙂



So, Steven is working nights this week (12 hour shifts, which are decidedly much better than the 14 hour shifts he worked week before last, so we’ll take it!), so our eating schedule is all kinds of wonky. He has been eating something when he first gets up while I’m still at work, and then has a snack right before leaving and takes fruit, nuts, and other snacks to eat at work. He’s working in the ICU, which is pretty busy, so he doesn’t have much time to stop to eat anyway, so that works out. And then he’s been getting a breakfast burrito from Rosa’s on the way home in the morning so he’s not going as long without much in his stomach.

I, on the other hand, have been trying to figure stuff out to eat by myself. Previously when he was on nights, I would just snack and not really eat full meals for dinner, but that’s not really the best idea now since Baby needs food, and I have more of an appetite. Monday night I had an Oriental chicken salad from Applebee’s curbside while I was out getting groceries and running errands, last night I had a French bread pizza, and tonight, I had taco soup that I threw in the crock pot this morning. My taco soup leftovers will last me a day or two, and then we’ll see what I can find for the rest of the week!

Oh, and HEB chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Those puppies are disappearing from the freezer like crazy because they are so. dang. delicious.



Our great spontaneous weekend! So, we are the masters of the spontaneous decision. Which is strange because neither one of us are super spontaneous alone or were before we met, but like to be spontaneous together.

So, we went Friday afternoon to an OB appointment, and then our big anatomy scan sonogram. Walking in between appointments, Steven said that if he knew the doves were flying in Midland, he would say we should go since he had the weekend off. I said I didn’t care either way about the doves, but I’d be glad to go if he wanted to go. So, he called his parents and told them we were coming. We had a successful appointment and scan, so we ran home, packed up and headed five-six hours west.

Steven definitely found the doves…

He was really pleased with how the boys did for their first time really finding birds. And isn’t Gump’s little head tilt the cutest thing?? (He’s on the left in both pics)

While they were out doing that, my sweet mother-in-law and I watched all the Tech game (Y’all!!! We’re 3-0! Wreck ’em!!!!!), made dinner for their church small group, and then shopped at Carter’s for Baby. It was so fun!

On Sunday, we went to church, had lunch with Steven’s Granny, gave the dogs baths, and then hit the road. The boys were so dang tired from running around that they slept the whole way home. We only had room in the truck for two kennels, so Gump and Boudreaux took those, and Ruger got to nap in the backseat. We stopped on our way home for dinner with my parents and grandparents. Overall, it was such a great weekend!!



Remember before when I mentioned HEB chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches….

And, I’m really loving the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. I know it’s raved about by bloggers near and far, but I had a hard time pulling the trigger because of the price. But on a recent episode of the Big Boo Cast, Sophie and Melanie were saying that the travel size lasts a few months (and is $15), and the full size lasts several months if not longer (and is $37). Well, in that case, price wise, it’s pretty similar, if not better priced than the drugstore product I was using. I tried to find the travel size in the Ulta store just to try it before really committing, but they didn’t have it, so I went ahead and got the full size. It has SPF 50, which is awesome, plus other good skin stuff in there, as well as great coverage and a great finish. So, not only does it actually compare pretty well price wise, but I think it has a better quality than my previous drugstore choice. I’ve come to the realization that I am getting older, and it’s okay to invest a little more in better quality makeup because you can get away with anything (and wearing nothing) when you’re young, but you need a little more help as time marches on.



Nothing huge, just dove hunting, and getting ready for Baby!



Um… the wait for Baby to get here? We’re just so excited, the thought of four more months seems like forever!!!



In a recurring theme, I’ve been working on stuff this week for Baby’s room and the gender reveal! I’m pretty dang excited about the projects I’ve been working on, and I promise to share pictures/ details once we share the gender!



Our gender reveal next weekend!! So, confession… we’ve known the gender for about three weeks now. We couldn’t stand it any longer, and found out that the sneak peek sonogram place is much less expensive than we thought, so we went in and found out on September 8. We confirmed this last week at our official sonogram, but I seriously can’t wait to have the weight of this secret off and be able to talk about it freely! We are already calling it by its real name, and using the correct pronouns and I am so, so, so nervous I’m going to slip up before the party and ruin it! And I know what you’re thinking– why did you schedule the party so far out? Well, because Steven is guaranteed every fifth weekend off because he works every fifth week in the clinic (he gets either one day off a week in between, or sometimes another random weekend, we just don’t know until the week of), so for the best/safest planning, we chose a clinic weekend. His last weekend was Labor Day weekend, so the next available was October 7. It’s coming up in a little over a week, and I can’t wait!!




I finished up my summer Netflix binging just in time for fall TV to start, but this week with Steven being gone, I feel like I have nothing to watch because I like having the TV for background noise. I’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars and The Mindy Project, which are new, and I’m about to catch up on This is Us, but I don’t have much else to watch.

I’ve been reading Strong and Kind by Korie Robertson and The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster for our Friday morning ladies’ Bible study.



I’ve been in a bit of a music rut lately, but I’ve really been loving old school acapella hymns (like Selah, Zoegroup) or just mellow music hymns (Daniel Martin Moore and a few others I’ve found). Other than that, I’ve been keeping up with podcasts– The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, The Podcast, The Big Boo Cast, and Hello, Bump podcast.



Dresses mostly. And still pre-maternity clothes, but the bump is getting more noticeable. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to maternity clothes, so I haven’t even looked yet. I’ve been adding scarves and vests occasionally in an attempt to summon fall weather, but so far I’ve just been burning up.

19 weeks! Out shooting skeet with hubs (he shot and I pushed the button).



I don’t really have much planned and Steven will work through Monday morning. Probably just more organizing and cleaning so we can get started on the nursery soon!



Lots of good stuff in October! Steven’s birthday is the first week, along with our gender reveal party. He has two weeks of research after that, so he will have a lighter schedule and weekends off, so we’re looking forward to that! I’m hoping we have time and a free weekend to make it to the State Fair again this year because it was so much fun last year!



Well, I no longer have to travel for work, which is awesome! I originally thought I’d go back to part time once my traveling was done, but they are still scheduling me full time just in Temple, so we’re going to take advantage until Baby arrives (although I’m hoping to maintain a somewhat fluid/open schedule on Fridays at least).

Hanging with my favorite person is my favorite thing to do! 🙂 



Well, I guess Dancing with the Stars, and This is Us and the ABC sitcoms (American Housewife, The Middle, and Speechless). I’m not sure what else, but I will probably try out a few new shows, too.


Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Congratulations! You have the sweetest baby bump! My hubs works 12 hour shifts, so I can totally relate to the dinner vs. snack thing.

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