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Fall Favorites– Drinks Edition

Hey, y’all, and happy fall! (I think we can consider it fall now?) It’s still hotter than blue blazes down here, but that’s just typical September. There are pictures of pumpkins everywhere, so we’ll just go with fall!!

Today, I’m linking up with Sarah for her fun fall link-up, and today, we’re talking favorite fall drinks!

So, I’m about to make myself a pariah… I don’t like pumpkin (and I’ve admitted this here before!). Not to eat, not to drink. Yes to smell– I love my pumpkin spice lotion from Bath and Body Works. And yes to decorate with. But that’s all the pumpkin I can do. So don’t expect a glowing endorsement for any kind of pumpkin related coffee drink here. Sorry, friends. 🙂


I do, however, enjoy a nice hot cup of apple cider! I think that’s super fall-ish. Hot apple cider says fall to me like hot chocolate/ cocoa is super Christmas-y. I love these K-cups…



Or if I can’t find K-cups, I’ll get the stir in packets and just use hot water from the Keurig. Starbucks has also previously had salted caramel apple cider in the fall, and holy smokes, it is delicious!


In the past, I’ve gotten different fall flavors of coffee creamer to jazz up my coffee for fall, but since I’ve cut back on coffee/ switched to decaf, I don’t know that I’ll do that this year. Coffee seems to be kind of hard on my stomach (and makes my already raging heartburn a little ragier), so that’s not as fun anymore. But, check out the Caramel Apple flavor and S’mores flavor if you want a little fall zip that’s not pumpkin!




Hope this gets you in the fall spirit! And any fall drink is better in a Texas Tech mug! (Especially if they are winning!) Wreck ’em!




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