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What’s Up, Wednesday! 5.31.17

Hey, y’all, and Happy Wednesday! It’s time for some What’s Up, Wednesday with Shay and Mel! To give a little update on our lives, I’ll be answering these questions…



Sunday, I made a pot roast with onions and carrots in a stock pot in the oven and it was SO MUCH BETTER than the crock pot. I’ll never cook it in the crock pot again. Monday, I made teriyaki beef and broccoli with white rice and egg rolls. Tuesday, I was gone for the day to San Antonio, so we ran to Cracker Barrel (Steven had his usual chicken and dumplins and I had the strawberry French toast). For the rest of the week, I have grilled salmon, grilled steaks, and Pioneer Woman beef enchiladas planned.



I’m not sure of anything in particular. Steven requested a few new Tech t-shirts, which sparked a little Tech reminiscing (and of course, I had to get me a new t-shirt as well). I love Lubbock, and wish we were a little closer to visit more often!



All things turquoise, as usual. Including my new cup from That Inspired Chick...


And my new turquoise Yeti…


It’s safe to say that if it’s turquoise, I’ll love it!



Life has been crazy lately! Steven started working in the ICU last week, so he’s at the hospital typically from 5:45 to 6:30 ish. He gets one day off each week, and we have been using that one day to drive to Dallas to work with Gump and Ruger at training (Ruger is with us still because of his allergies, but he drives up with us to train with his brother 😉 ). We’re always glad to see Gump, but driving 5 hours in a day makes it a pretty hectic day off!


This is what a typical training session looks like… Steven working with the boys and me trying to take pictures without being too distracting! 🙂
I actually left my old job a few weeks ago, and have been at home getting things arranged, rearranged, caught up and working on things I’ve wanted to do since we bought our house (like hang curtains!). I’m gearing up to start a new job in the next few weeks, so my goal until then is to get everything in order so that it’s just maintenance whenever things get busier.



THE HEAT! It’s still somewhat bearable outside, but it won’t be long before the temp outside ramps up to over 100 degrees and the humidity will be suffocating. I’m really a fan of spring and fall weather. 😉



Lots of household things! We’re caught up on laundry, ironing (praise the Lord!), and most other cleaning things. I’ve been trying to clean out old things we don’t need, and now have a box of books I’m not sure where to take, and a box of clothes and shoes I need to donate. I’m right on the cusp of having my “sewing room” (our guest room with one twin bed) completely organized and guest ready (which is probably the first time it will be that way since we’ve moved in). I’ve torn everything out of my front flower bed because the grass had started to take over, so my plan is to lay down landscape fabric down first and then add in new mulch and new flowers. We also decided to pour in some  concrete in one part of the flower bed to make a space for a swing so we have space to sit outside. Our house faces east, so it’s actually better to wait until the afternoon to work out there so there is shade. If anyone knows of any flowers that thrive in direct sunlight for a good portion of the day, let me know!



We are 4 short weeks (two ICU, one clinic, one cards wards) from Steven transitioning over to 2nd year! His schedule will be slightly better as a 2nd year, but mostly the work will be better, and he is excited to move up! We are also really looking forward to the end of July when Gump will come home! One, we’ll be excited to have all our ducklings home, and two, it will be nice to have some weekends at home!



I finished And Still She Laughs by Kate Merrick a few weeks ago and IT IS SO GOOD. You should read it ASAP. I’ve gotten a few ebooks recently through BookBub, but haven’t started anything just yet. Also, this quarter’s issue of The Magnolia Journal is great!

The regular season for TV has wrapped up, so I’m not really watching anything. We were watching basketball until our beloved Spurs lost, so there’s not really much we’re interested in. Steven doesn’t usually get home until 6:30-7, and by the time we eat dinner, there isn’t that much time before bed time, and there are typically other things we’d rather do than sit and watch TV.



Podcasts!! The Big Boo Cast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. These are my go-to podcasts when traveling or doing things around the house.

I’m also a fan of the new Zac Brown album, and still love the new John Mayer. We’ve also recently discovered The Score and have been jamming to them on our Dallas trips. “Legend” is our jam!



All the dresses! I’ve ordered a few cute summer dresses on sale from The Blue Door Boutique several weeks ago, and have finally had a chance to wear them! This cute light lavender number was perfect for the casual wedding reception we had last weekend…

The top is all lace (and see-through), so I had to wear a nude colored slip under, but it was light and breezy, and looked really cute with beige wedges! (Side note: if your hubby needs/ likes/ wants/ wears short sleeve dress shirts, Steven LOVES Ariat shirts!)

This is the first summer I’ve really had an interest in shorts, particularly denim shorts. I found a few pairs at Target that weren’t too short or too long, and not too tight around the leg. My main issue with wearing shorts before is that I don’t love the actual circumference of my thighs being visible and obvious because the shorts are tight around my legs, so these are perfect! I’ve been wearing them with nicer tops, and with v-neck t-shirts so far and really like them!



I’m not 100% sure just yet, but we think we might take this weekend off from Dallas, and just relax at home. It’s my turn to make the visitor bread for our church this Sunday (they have small loaves of banana bread in a basket in our church foyer for visitors, and volunteers rotate making it), and we have sweet friends from our small group that are moving back to Lubbock with this Sunday being their last in Temple, so this is a good weekend for us to stay home, I think.



Oh, June! Steven’s parents rented a lake house in Corsicana for the third week of June and we are all meeting up there (for varying points in the week) to fish and hang out. Since we have a house instead of camping in cabins this year, Steven’s sweet granny is able to come, and we are so excited. Our fishing trips are such a sweet time of fun and bonding together, and I’m so looking forward to it! His parents are also coming to visit the week before for a follow up with her orthopedic surgeon on her knee, and to help us with a few things around the house (they are so sweet and helpful!). It kinda sucks to be so short you can’t change light bulbs in the vaulted ceiling, but it’s great to have help!



The boys are growing like weeds and we’re excited to take them swimming this summer! Boudreaux sleeps in our laundry room with a child gate up (Ruger sleeps in his Gunner Kennel), and has decided recently that he doesn’t really want to go out first thing in the morning anymore. When I take the gate down (typically around 5:15 AM), he will walk out, hop on the couch, arrange the pillows to his liking, and then go back to sleep. Ruger still goes straight out, but B likes to take his sweet time. So, we’ve been having a morning snuggle, and then he goes out after his breakfast. Spoiled is an understatement.



Oh, favorite is hard! Like I’ve mentioned a time or twenty, we loved Hawaii! But, we also love camping and fishing. I think it’s less about where you are and more about who you’re with!


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