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#FaveFiveThings [4.14.17]

Hi, y’all, and Happy April!

So, our lives have been kinda crazy the last few weeks with Steven working night shifts for the last two weeks, and some other transitions going on, but I am back and ready to catch up!

In the mean time, this little chunk has made his way home…


And I use the term “little” generously. He is quickly getting not little whatsoever!

And this munchkin has made his way home for good for other reasons, and I’m planning to share those a little later next week. We just want to watch a few things for a little longer before I share ๐Ÿ™‚ Steven is going to continue his training himself, and he has been doing really well this first week!


I have some good things lined up for this #FaveFive, and then I’ve got a bonus #FaveFive for y’all… our favorites from our San Antonio trip a few weeks ago! So, once you’re done here, hop over to that post and check those out here! (And then pack a bag, because you will want to head down there pronto ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Here we go!

  1. Beauty and the Beast


This is kind of a no-brainer, y’all. This was my favorite (FAVORITE) movie growing up, and I was super pumped to see it live action (with one of my favorite actresses- Emma Watson).

This had a lot of hype surrounding it leading up to the release, as well as the release weekend on social media. And honestly, for me, it lived up to the hype. There wasn’t anything I would have changed or wished was different, and it think it is a little more fleshed out than the original animated version. After about 20-30 minutes, I think Steven remembered that it was a musical and a part of him wished he were anywhere else, but he sat through it like a champ #hewentforthepopcorn ๐Ÿ˜‰ #justkidding #hesthebesthubbyever

I realize it’s been out for a few weeks now, but if you haven’t made it to see it, or are contemplating a rental when it’s out on DVD, I would recommend it!


2. The Popcast with Knox and Jamie


This was recommended by Sophie and Melanie on The Big Boo Cast an episode or two ago, and I decided to check it out a week or two ago for one of our drives to Dallas (I drove more than I typically do because Steven was sleeping (champ was awake for about 28 hours straight- he worked 14 hours through the night, then we left that morning to drive to Dallas to train with Ruger and Gump, we met Steven’s parents and Avery and Shelby (Steven’s bother and his wife) at Avery and Shelby’s new house to check out some of the renovations happening (and try our hand at paint taping), and pick up Boudreaux, and then we finally drove home about 7 PM Sunday night)).

So, long story short, I decided to listen to an episode while I was driving that night and Steven took a short nap. And y’all, I am SO hooked. I laughed out loud more than I should admit, but they are so funny! Each episode has a theme, like Disney Princesses, Urban Dictionary, the “No’s” of Easter, and I feel like I learned so much (so much that is useless knowledge), but they are fun, entertaining, and make the time pass a little faster than just music, I think. At the end of each episode, they give “red lights” and “green lights”- things they don’t recommend and things they do recommend (typically books, movies, music or other pop culture). They are uploaded weekly and drop right into your podcast queue if you are a subscriber (which I would highly recommend!).


3. Bath and Body Works Candles


I bought a few of these a few weeks ago, and then went back for a few more earlier this week because those jerks keep putting them on the biggest sale ever. #howdarethey #keepemcomingbackformore

Right now you can get a free three-wick with the purchase of one, and an additional $10 off with the purchase of $30 (online code: cottontail, there’s a coupon code barcode if you go in store). Every time I go, I end up with scents that I wouldn’t think I’d like, but they smell amazing. And I’ve chronicled all this on my Instagram stories for anyone who might be interested ๐Ÿ™‚ @saltcreekwife

And I will say, they really work. As I’m writing this, Steven is out putting out trot lines to go fishing tomorrow and before he left, he pulled out his bait to go, which consists of beef heart, liver, and tripe, and chicken hearts. #gag ย I was sitting outside when he came by with everything and informed me that the liver was pretty smelly, and possibly rancid (which is crazy since I bought it at HEB yesterday). After he left, I walked back in the house, and was hit in the face with the yuck smell, even though he took all the wrappers out with him. I immediately lit one in every room and eradicated the liver in less than 10 minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚


4. Nothing Bundt Cakes


My love for this started in Lubbock when they opened, and has now been reignited as they have opened a location in Harker Heights (which is about 15-20 minutes from us). The only thing keeping me from eating these nonstop is the fact that they close at 6 PM and we can rarely make it over there before they close.

They have 9 signature flavors of bundt cake, and one flavor of the month, and all are topped with the most delicious cream cheese frosting (let’s just acknowledge that there is nothing more delicious than cream cheese frosting). You can get little bite sized ones (called “bundtinis”), mini ones a little bit bigger than a cupcake (called “bundlets”), 8″ cakes and 10″ cakes. They are perfect for parties, gifts, special occasions, and breakfast any day of the week. ๐Ÿ™‚ My personal favorites are the White White Chocolate and Marble, but I really haven’t met one I didn’t like. Steven’s favorite is the Chocolate Chocolate Chip because he says he’s a simple man– he likes plain chocolate cake, plain sweet tea, and plain cornbread. ๐Ÿ™‚


5. Anthem Lights- “Hymns”


Just in time for Easter, this is a must. I’ve told y’all before how much I love a cappella (I think they are semi-a cappella?) music, and this is another good one. Here is one of the hymn mash-ups…

My favorite is the Easter Medley- “Because He Lives/ My Redeemer Lives/ Arise My Love”, but I couldn’t find a video of it online. But you should check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰


Happy Easter, y’all! We’re going to spend this weekend celebrating the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ as He bore all our sins on the cross to give us a hope of eternal life with Him! Because He lives, we can face tomorrow! Hallelujah!


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