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#FaveFiveThings [3.17.17]

Happy Friday, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! I am most definitely wearing my green today because, well, I don’t like to get pinched, and also because my eyes are green, so wearing green makes them look super green! I got Steven’s green dress pants (they are like a dark olive green that looks totally normal and not weird) and a dress shirt with green in it all ironed last night so he was ready to go today, too! Once upon a time (like 3-4 years ago), when I asked if this green shirt I was wearing looked okay with the blue-ish skirt I had on, Steven’s reply was “Yes. Green goes with everything”. Okay, so that shirt did not go well with that particular skirt, and I had to seriously question the mind that says “Green goes with everything”. And that is still a joke in our house to this day.


So, wearing green is one of my favorite things, and here are a few other favorites this week!

1. Josh Turner- Deep South


We are big Josh Turner fans! It seems like a sweet forever since he’s put out a new album (you’d think he was out trying to live his life or something! 😉 ), but this long awaited album is so good! I particularly like “Hawaiian Girl” and “Never Had a Reason” 🙂


2. Lemi Shine Disposal Cleaner

Raise your hand if your garbage disposal ever gets a little dirty or smelly….

Hey, me too! 😉

Sometimes I’ll throw lemons in there to help it smell better, but one day when I was buying other cleaners at HEB, I decided that buying actual disposal cleaner is probably not a bad thing.

This Lemi Shine cleaner is like a little foamy square of cleaner, and they come with two in a package. Basically, you follow the directions on the package- let the water run for a little bit, throw the cleaner square down the disposal, turn the disposal on, let it foam up, and then turn off the disposal and rinse out the sink. Voila! Clean disposal!

Please enjoy this slightly boring but educational video I made of me running one through our disposal… 🙂


3. Hacksaw Ridge


Ok, y’all, if you are looking for a highly emotional war movie to give you all the feels and feel like a little of your faith in humanity has been restored, here’s your guy. This is the true story of Desmond Doss, a Seventh Day Adventist who is a conscientious objector to World War II, but deploys anyway to work as a medic, despite the fact that he refuses to touch any type of weaponry. He deploys to Japan, and through heroic efforts on Hacksaw Ridge (the Battle of Okinawa), helps turn the tide of a battle and save many lives.

The acting is so, so good, but it is slightly gory (I mean, it’s a war movie, y’all… but, it’s a little gorier than I would have liked, honestly). And even though it is a war movie, I didn’t notice really any vulgar language, and no inappropriate scenes. It is now available on DVD and On Demand. Through online research, I found out that this is a story others have tried to bring to the masses before, but the real Desmond Doss rejected them because of embellishment, so this is actually fairly accurate.


4. Wicked Good Cupcakes

So, the weekend before last (March 5) was our first wedding anniversary. And I have the best best friend ever. For our anniversary, she sent us cupcakes in a jar!


We both made it home for lunch one day and while we were eating, our doorbell rang. A FedEx guy was walking away, and a small box was on our doorstep. We opened it and found the best surprise– two cupcakes in jars with the sweetest note from Han! We got a chocolate flavor, and a lemon strawberry flavor and they were both good! They don’t use any preservatives, so it is recommended you eat them within a week of receiving them (and why would you want to delay in eating cupcakes anyway??).


You can visit Wicked Good Cupcakes online, and order delivery if you want to send someone a sweet treat!


5. Lessons From the First Year of Marriage

Bride Groom -71

If you missed it last week, instead of the usual #FaveFive, I wrote a post about what I have learned in the first year of marriage, and included responses from women that we know who shared what advice they would give their newlywed selves about the first year of marriage. Their responses were all sweet and thoughtful, and some were actually quite hilarious! It was definitely one of my favorite things the past few weeks to read through those and put that post together. Please check it out by clicking here if you haven’t, and if you have a thought to add, please leave me a comment! I so enjoy reading thoughts from other wives!

And in that post, I mention our First Year Timeline. If you are new here and are curious about us, check this out for a little glimpse into our lives for the last year! (And thanks for stopping by, we’re so glad to have you!)



We’ve had a pretty quiet week here! Last weekend we went to Dallas to see the labs at retriever training and they are doing really well!

After training, we went through the Bass Pro Shop in Garland on Lake Ray Hubbard for a little while before meeting up with Avery and Shelby (Steven’s brother and his wife) at their new house. Boudreaux rode in our basket and got lots of attention!




This little kangaroo is off to stay with his grandparents for the next week or so while we go to San Antonio for a few days, and I think he is going to be very well taken care of and very spoiled when he comes home!



We are headed to San Antonio this next week for Steven to take STEP 3 (the last of the STEPs!!!), and for a Spurs game for our anniversary! So, look out next week for some updates from beautiful San Antonio!


Happy weekend, y’all!

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