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Show & Tell Tuesday [3.14.17]

Good morning, and Happy Tuesday, friends! It’s time for another edition of Show & Tell Tuesday with Andrea!



Today’s topic of discussion is… Most Embarrassing Moments!


Let’s head a little (long) way down memory lane to my junior year of high school for the MOST EMBARRASSING day of my life! 🙂


I was a nerd in high school, I’ll admit it. I feel like I need to preface that so you understand where we are as I set the scene. As a junior in high school, I took Advanced Placement (AP) Biology. In late winter (I don’t remember if it was January or February), our teacher decided she was going to take our class (about 8-9 people) to the Genetic Update Conference (a conference giving all the latest updates in genetic and biology research) at Bowie High School in Austin, Texas to help get us prepared for the upcoming AP test (which gives college credit if you make a high enough score). This was about 2-3 hours from home, so we were all supposed to meet at the high school at around 6:30 AM to leave in enough time to get there.

My best friend and I met at the local Mexican food restaurant prior to our scheduled departure to pick up breakfast burritos (some people call these tacos?) for everyone. I was super picky back then, and I think mine was just scrambled eggs. Maybe bacon as well. But definitely mostly just scrambled eggs in a tortilla.

We made it to the school, loaded the bus, ate our breakfast and headed down to Austin. I feel like I should throw in at this point that we were on a short bus. Our school was small-ish, and for situations like this where we didn’t have that many kids going, instead of renting us a van or something, we always got sent places on short buses. I was doing fine for the most part, but as we started weaving through traffic and flying over the high bridges once we starting getting into Austin, I started getting really warm and queasy. I’ve always had trouble getting motion sick (which is why we will likely never go on a cruise to anywhere), but I actually managed it better then than I do now.

I tried to hang on for a while, but after several minutes, my best friend looked back to me and asked if I was okay just in time for our teacher to slide the five gallon bucket trash can under me for all my hurl to land in (and I am so, so thankful that it landed in that bucket instead of any of the alternatives).

Needless to say, the rest of the bus ride to Bowie was a quite awkward. And if it only ended there!


We got to Bowie, unloaded ourselves, and headed inside. We made it with a few minutes to spare, so we headed to the restroom before the conference started. The conference was in the main auditorium in the fine arts building, which was  total amazement to me- our school didn’t even have an auditorium, and everything was all in one building. As we were walking through (all the students that actually went there were still walking around headed to class), I was gawking at the girls in what looked like a ballet class warming up in an open area (totally jealous that they even had ballet at school), and completely missed the giant metal threshold raised from the floor. I completely hit the dirt, and had to jump up quickly in order to not get ran over. Our teacher had completely missed that I fell and had moved on without me. I caught up to her in the line for the ladies’ restroom and hoped I could put the rest of that day behind me.

But wait– there’s more!

After a short forever waiting in line to use the restroom, I finally got into a stall. After peeing, I looked up at the toilet paper dispenser (one of the large industrial ones that holds multiple rolls), and noticed that the front plastic cover was missing. There was a large roll of TP sitting on there, it was just visible instead of being covered. Instead of holding it on the holder like a smart person would, I grabbed the loose end of the paper and pulled.

Y’ALL. The entire roll of toilet paper flew off the holder and rolled out under the stall door and out into the crowd waiting for an open stall.

They had to ROLL MY TP BACK TO ME. If I could have flushed myself, I think I would have.

I finished up in the ladies’ room, and then headed into the conference. After a few hours of the latest in genetic research (can we all collectively yawn just a bit??), I found myself dozing off a little (getting up to get on a bus by 6:30 AM leaves you a smidge tired!). The auditorium seats had the small pull over desks, so at one point after waking up from a short snooze, I decided to set my desk back down to give myself a little more room.

And of course, there was something faulty with the mechanism on my desk, so as I let it go for it to swing down next to the seat, it flew out of my hand and landed with a loud crash. Loud enough that the presenter STOPPED and everyone looked at me.

Thankfully, that was the last embarrassing thing of that day. And I can truly tell you, when it rains, it pours. And no, I absolutely do not have any pictures of that day, thank goodness! I can look back and laugh at it now, but goodness that was a lot of embarrassment for a quiet, nerdy, high school junior girl. Thankfully, I have not been able to top that day just yet, and here’s hoping I don’t!! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by, y’all! Feel free to look around while you are here!

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  1. Oh my, I have to say I’m laughing a little, but I feel for you! It sounds like a bad dream, and definitely like something that could have happened to me… 😀

    1. Oh my goodness, that was probably the worst part (if I could pick a worst part!)! Opening that stall door after they rolled it back to me was humiliating!

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