Salt Creek Retrievers

Gump [2.13.17]

Today is our sweet Gumpers’ 6-month birthday!

Our little Gumpkin has gotten so much bigger! He is weighing in at about 60 pounds now, with no signs of slowing. He has finally outgrown his sweet baby face, and is starting to look too grown up. He still enjoys himself a good nap very often, and has become a great big brother to Boudreaux (although he often tries to climb in laps like he’s still the baby and not a giant!).

Obedience wise, he is mastering the basics. He can sit, stay, come, and heel pretty well, when he is feeling motivated. He often gives me a look of desperation while training with his dad like working is the absolute worst thing that could be happening to him (he would much rather be snuggling!). His love for retrieving is growing, and he does really well when he is one-on-one (Ruger out-runs him when they are together). So far, he is great at bringing short retrieves straight back (Ruger when through a lolly-gagging keep-away phase, which has not struck Gump yet), and is starting to get ready to learn the intermediate hunting/retrieving skills.

He and Ruger are actually about to leave for retriever training for several months (I am trying to keep my tears to myself, but these goobers are like our babies!). We are excited for them to learn so much, but we will miss them!

And this is one of my all time favorite Gump moments…

Happy Half-Birthday, Gumpers!!

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