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Romping Around

Friends, there is a fundamental issue that divides us as we age– those who keep up with the trends and those who don’t. I’m not really sure where I sit at this point– really, it depends on the trend.

For instance, I’m having a hard time getting behind those short-sleeve waist-length silk kimono things. Like, how do I wear it? With shorts? NO– I’m short enough already, let’s not point it out. With a t-shirt and jeans? NO- it’s 575 degrees here right now, why in the heck would I put another layer on?? With a dress? Maybe– I’d have to look into that. It’s probably going to be one of those things that I’ll eventually figure out, and by then, it won’t be in style anymore.

One trend I am increasingly intrigued by, however, is the romper. And I disgust myself a little for even saying it. I mean, in all seriousness, I had a straight up Come-To-Jesus with myself in the Target dressing room about the fact that I’m now on the downhill to 30, a doctor, a doctor’s wife, and a human being, and that this trend is just really probably not for me.

But… they are SO cute!

Well, let me elaborate on that– some are really cute. Some I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, but that can be said for any trend. There’s something intriguing and attractive about a dressy way to wear shorts, am I right?? The key is finding the right romper for you.

For example… when shopping, I found two at Target that I liked, and that looked workable on the hanger. And this will attest to how serious I was about this undertaking– I NEVER try on clothes at the store. EVER. And I took both of these immediately to the dressing room.

I took these pics because I needed a BFF consult (and a part of me just kinda died knowing these are now on the Internet). The one on the right was an obvious no, but I was kinda digging the one on the left. It needed some tweaking (it is about the thinnest fabric known to man… can you say undershorts and tank?? modest is hottest, friends!), but I thought I could probably make it work. In the end, I left Target without it, deciding if it was true fashion love, I’d come back for it. And they would still have it in stock.

So, I sent the pics to Hannah to ask if I looked completely ridiculous (a true BFF will tell you if you do), and she supported the romper decision. So, I went in to a different Target (I work in two different offices and have been known to frequent both) and they had it in stock as well.

Style Tip #1: I did go up a size from the one I tried on originally. The size small fit, but I felt like the shorts were so, so short. I’m just not in that comfort level anymore. I don’t have much of a back side, but I’m still self-conscious about lengths on skirts, and especially shorts.

Style Tip #2: If you don’t own small Spandex shorts in varying colors, do yourself a favor and find some. I got mine at Target (for those that know me well, save your Duh!), and they are a life saver. After living for nearly a decade in the Lubbock and Amarillo wind, they became a staple under dresses on Skirt Alert days, and now the flesh colored pair was a staple for this ensemble. Paired with a flesh colored undershirt, I had maximum under-coverage without having a bulky under-layer. Spanx would work also, but I’m not about to wear Spanx unless I know it is making a dramatic transformation to the outfit. And with ruching like that particular romper has, we’re good.

Style Tip #3: I’ll admit, I grabbed this one from Internet research– If you aren’t sold on the whole romper idea just yet, start slow with one that looks more like a dress. For example, here are a few I would consider from one of my faves, The Blue Door Boutique:


coral floral romperjersey wrap romper olivekaley romper, green

(pictured left to right, top to bottom): Cute Coral Romper, Jersey Wrap Romper in Olive, Kaley Romper in Kelly Green [www.shopbluedoor.com]

So, the inaugural wearing of the romper was to my brother in law’s engagement party. It was a casual dinner held at a family friend’s home and the romper seemed pretty appropriate. Casual enough for shorts, but nice enough for the need for nice shorts (does that even make sense?? tell a sister if she sounds crazy here!).

Style Tip #4: I paired it with wedges because I felt like it dressed it up, and made my legs look better. I struggle with being one of the palest human beings on the planet, and being on the short side, so I have to do myself any favor to get those pasty stubs looking long and lean. If you are tall, or tan, or both, feel free to wear sandals. Those of us in the midget club will keep cheating in the mean time. 😉

The second wearing of the romper was dinner for my 27th birthday. Ironic since I already kinda felt too old to wear it. 🙂 Hubby had to miss the engagement party, and was curious about this romper situation, so I busted it out again.

We went to the most adorable restaurant that was formerly the town cotton gin, and it sits on a creek that runs through town. It was really good food, and a great view, even if it was 213 degrees outside eating on the patio. And we enjoyed this pile of goodness, too…


After dinner, we went to the movies for the first time in a short forever (if you are a medical spouse, this makes perfect sense!). And this brings me to my last style tip…

Style Tip #5: Watch your liquids. After two glasses of tea at dinner, and then a 132 oz Coke at the movies (you know, a PaunchBurger small 😉 [shout out to my fellow Parks and Rec fans!!]), I was about to explode when the movie was over. And when you stop to really think about it, your top and bottoms are connected here. Meaning, to use the restroom, basically everything has to come off. Needless to say, it was a thankfully short drive back to our house where I could use one of our private, clean restrooms because I was not deconstructing in a public restroom. I mean, we all have our style limits, friends.

For more style tips, check out these helpful suggestions: 20 Style Tips: How to Wear Rompers

AND– for more laughs about rompers, check out Cosmo’s 13 Romper Problems Every Woman Understands. You’ll be rolling on the floor if you have a semi-cautious relationship with rompers like I do!

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